The XFL is officially back! Vince McMahon’s alternative to the NFL will be making its return since 2001, with plenty of changes. New rules, the involvement of gambling and a variety of new players looking to get a chance to shine highlight the relaunch.

The first game of the new era of the XFL begins today, February 8 at 2 p.m. ET on ABC. the DC Defenders will be facing the Seattle Dragons. Wrestling Inc. will be providing LIVE updates on the game and all the news you can handle. Stay tuned!

According to Darren Rovell, the XFL has already passed the entire season fo the AAF for ticket sales revenue.

The kicker is all by himself at the 30-yard line. No players can move until the ball is caught. Defenders kicked the ball off and the Dragons were able to get a few yards. The first play of the game was a rush. One of the new rules shows that even if a pass is not caught, the clock is still active.

Defenders Cardale Jones threw a strong pass to Keenan Reynolds and immediately received MVP chants by the crowd. A neutral zone infraction by the Dragons gave the Defenders a first down. An Even Drill play caused Jhurell Pressley to run the ball for a first down. Cardale Jones himself ran for a QB Sneak to get a first down. On the eleventh play of the drive for the Defenders, Jones threw the ball away. The first field goal of the game by the Defenders is good at 34 yards.

SEA: 0 | DC:3 with 7:20 remaining in the first

An aspect of the XFL that is different is interviewing coaches in the middle of the game. it gives a different perspective of what is going on. The betting line has the Defenders at -9.5 following that field goal.

One of the rules that are college-related is one foot is OK for a complete pass by a receiver.

At 4:24 remaining in the first there was a touchdown by the Dragons’ Austin Proehl, 14-yard reception at. The XFL has an option for one, two or three points after a TD, not utilizing the field goal. Going for the one-point play, the ball was intercepted at the endzone by the Defenders.

SEA: 6 | DC: 3 with about 4:20 remaining in the first

On fourth down with less than three minutes in the first, the Defenders ran the ball for the first down. As two-minutes hit, Jones was taken down. Jones gets put into pressure but manages to throw the ball away and get the first down. Three seconds before the first quarter ended, a time out was called to not get a penalty. Jones throws to end the first quarter for the first down, 22-yard gain to the TE of the Defenders.

After 1: SEA: 6 | DC: 3

Jones runs the ball to start the second quarter and was close to a first down.35-yard field goal attempt was NO GOOD by Ty Rausa!

Both defenses coming into play early in the game, as multiple open shots are being deflected.

Intercepted at the 45 by the Defenders’ Rahim Moore with 10:23 left in the second. Cardale Jones with the play fake and looks to get everything back in order.

Something that separates the XFL is the sideline interviews in the middle of plays. It gives the perspective of the players at the most opportune moment. A punt is blocked on fourth down by the Defenders’ by Elijah Campbell and intercepted for the touchdown with 6:56 left in the second! Two-point play on the five is denied by the Dragons.

SEA: 6 | DC: 9 with about 6:56 remaining in the second

ALL AXXESS cameras will give the coaches perspective on a certain situation.

The two-minute warning comes into play, with incomplete passes forcing the clock to stop.

Dragons’ Trey Williams with a 13-yard TD reception with about 20 seconds left in the second. Seattle will go for one at the two-yard line, and gets it!

SEA: 13 | DC: 9 with about 20 seconds remaining in the second

A ball that is placed at the +45 yard one on kickoffs that falls short will cause a penalty. Cardale Jones runs the ball for himself with just a few seconds left int he half. A 55-yard field goal attempt by Ty Rausa is good as the second quarter comes to an end!

SEA: 13 | DC: 12 as we head into halftime, Which is only 10 minutes.

Cardale Jones opens the second half with a beautiful pass to Leon Rodgers for a 27-yard catch. Jones back to Rodgers who throws it back to Khari Lee for the 39-yard TD reception. Ball at the two for the one-point play is good! The “Boilermaker” Double Rush TD is the name of the previous play.

SEA: 13 | DC 19 with 11:56 left in the third

Dragons respond right away with an Austin Proehl 57-yard TD reception. Dragons going for one point at the two and it is no good!

SEA: 19 | DC: 19 with 10:28 left in the third

Both teams both trying to find an advantage as the clock starts to wind down.

Cardale Jones throws to Rashad Ross 31-yard TD reception on fourth down. Going for one at the two-yard line is no good!

SEA: 19 | DC: 25 with 1:45 left in the third, as the period also comes to a close.

Fourth quarter begins, as Trey Williams runs down the field for the Dragons. Another interception by the Defenders’ QB Brandon Silvers, a 69-yard return for Bradley Sylve. One-yard attempt is denied, but a flag is thrown. Another attempt is no good.

SEA: 19 | DC: 31 with 12:43 left in the fourth

The fourth quarter was another case of superior defense by the Defenders. There have been over eight Pass Defended plays by the Defenders defense.

Two-minute warning time.

Dragons are 3-for-14 on third down as time winds down in the fourth. On fourth down Dragons get the first down. Another sack by Massaquoi drops the Dragons QB with 1:26 left in the fourth. Campbell was very close to an interception but just couldn’t get it. Silvers got put down once again and is clutching his ankle. He comes off the field on 4th & 15. B.J. Daniels comes in as QB but couldn’t get anything on fourth with 1:09 left in the game.

Defenders cut off some time as the clock winds down. The DC Defenders win the first game of the new XFL.

FINAL: SEA: 19 | DC: 31