XFL Live Results: New York Guardians V. St. Louis BattleHawks

Following a lopsided loss at the hands of the DC Defenders last week, the New York Guardians return to action. Matt McGloin will get another chance to prove his team is in sync. The Guardians are on the road again, traveling to St. Louis to face the BattleHawks.


Last week, the BattleHawks lost to the Houston Roughnecks in a close game, 28-24. QB Jordan Ta'amu threw for 284 yards and was 30-for-37. He had two touchdowns and two interceptions.

The game will be held inside The Dome at America's Center. The game is on ESPN and will air at 3 p.m. ET. Stay tuned as LIVE updates will be provided throughout the game.

Inactives: Guardians

* Joe Horn | WR
* Jeremiah McKinnon | CB
* Matt Colburn | RB
* Charles Wright | DE
* Garret Dooley | LB
* Garrett Brumfield | OG

Inactives: BattleHawks

* Trey Caldwell | DB
* Keith Ford | RB
* Andrew Jackson | LB
* Brian Fineanganofo | OT
* Connor Davis | TE
* Kellen Soulek | DL


Battlehawks with the ball to start the game. Guardians defense looking to stop the run game early. RB Matt Jones breaks free and rushes for 47 yards. The next play Jones runs the ball 14 yards for the touchdown. BattleHawks go for two points, and they are unsuccessful.

NY: 0 | STL: 6 with 13:11 left in the first

Kickoff to the NY 27. RB Tim Cook looks to rush the ball down the field, but to no avail. McGloin throws it to Colby Pearson for 12 yards and a first down. Cook for four yards. False start on the offense forces the Guardians to be on second and long. McGloin throws it to Jake Powell for 14 yards and the first down. Cook then rushes for six and trips on a second attempt. McGloin is then dropped at the 50 by the BattleHawks' defensive tackle Casey Sayles.

A punt by the Guardians to the BattleHawks' 12. Jones continuing to run down the field without any pressure. Guardians are finally able to stop the run game, forcing the BattleHawks to have a loss of four. Ta'amu throws to De'Mornay Pierson-El for 11 yards but is short of the first down. A punt by the BattleHawks to the Guardians' 47, penalty by the Guardians, and the BattleHawks retain the ball.


Two flags on a play following a Ta'amu pass that was incomplete to L. Washington. The Guardians have an unnecessary roughness call. Another flag on 3rd and eight, this time pass interference on the Guardians. False start by the offense brings the ball back five yards after an initial gain. Ta'amu dropped by Ranthony Texada. On 3rd down, Ta'amu throws it to Alonzo Russell for 15 yards. On 4th and 2nd the BattleHwks decide to punt and force the touchback.

* McGloin has been dealing with rib issues. Marquise Williams taking over hs QB.

Austin Duke first down, but an illegal block by NY forces the penalty. Darius Victor with a 14-yard run for a first down, and continues to run the ball down the field. First quarter comes to an end with the Guardians holding the ball.

NY: 0 | STL: 6 at the end of the first

Victor opens the second by running for seven yards and the first down. Terence Garvin of the BattleHawks is there to greet Victor each time. Matt McCrane 53-yard FG is good for the Guardians.

NY: 3 | STL: 6 with 12:24 left in the second


McCrane kicks off from the New York 30, to the STL 60. Keith Mumphery with a lateral to Joe Powell for the 80+-yard TD return. A two-point attempt is no good by the BattleHawks.

NY: 3 | STL: 12 with 12:09 left in the second

McGloin is back in the game and his pass is incomplete, and almost tipped and caught by the defense. Fifth penalty for New York, delay of game. Pass to Redding for seven yards, and one 3rd and 8, McGloin throws to Victor for a one-yard gain. On fourth and seven, Guardians' Justin Vogel kicks the ball to the 18. Another flag on the Guardians. Ta'amu throws it down the field to Pierson-El twice for 14 yards and the first down. Jones rushing and is short of the first down. On third and one Jones runs it down for the first. Christine Michael has run for 15 yards this drive, with one first down. False start, too many men flag on St Louis. On fourth and ten, Taylor Russolino was about to attempt a 39-yard FG, but St. Louis calls a timeout. Russolino kick is good!

NY: 3 | STL: 15 with 4:24 left in the second

Russolino with the touchback after kicking it into the endzone. BattleHawks' defense has stopped Victor twice. Redding with a three-yard gain, and now the Guardians are forced to punt on fourth and third. Vogel punt is blocked by Carlton Agudosi, recovered by Jones. BattleHawks close to the endzone as the two-minute warning hits.


Brandon Reilly with a gain of six, and on third and six the BattleHawks are now at first and goal. Reilly is taken down just outside the endzone. Guardians with their first timeout with 1:11 to go in the half. Jones runs the ball in for the touchdown. BattleHawks once again attempting a two-point play, and it is good thanks to an Alonzo Russell catch.

NY: 3 | STL: 23 with 1:08 left in the second

A 23-yard gain by New York after the kickoff. McGloin's pass is incomplete to Powell. McGloin then passes it to Pearson for 20 yards and a first down. Powell with a 20-yard gain. :39 left in the game and there is some confusion on the field, as Silberman was forced to leave and then return to the field. McGloin then throws an interception to Kenny Robinson at the STL 6. It is now half-time.

NY: 3 | STL: 23 at the half

Third quarter begins as the Guardians look to gain some sort of momentum. McGloin is being examined, and Williams is in. Cook has been running for either no gain or negative yards. On third and 25, Justin Stockton funs the ball up to get close to a first down. Vogel punts it the BattleHawks' 24. Ta'amu stays on his feet following an attempted drop for an 11-yard gain to Russell. Reilly first down, 19-yard gain.


On third and two, Heeney drops Michael before he can gain any momentum. A 58-yard attempted FG is good.

NY: 3 | STL: 26 with 10:03 left in the third

Williams still in the game and almost loses the ball following a drop. Williams is down again by Andrew Ankrah. More pressure, but Stockton gets the ball for 17 yards. On fourth and four, Williams flicks it to Redding for 13 yards and the first down. Victor rushes for seven yards and then throws it to a diving Austin Duke for the first down. Duke gets the ball again for 12. Ian Silberman has been getting penalties all game. Williams runs it himself for 12 yards, short of the first down. On fourth and one, the Guardians' Victor gets stopped behind the line of scrimmage.

BattleHawks' ball, and the Guardians' defense has managed to stop any major damage this time out. Duke runs the punt 23 yards. Cook runs it up the middle for a 33-yard run. Cook runs it up the field again for another first down as the third quarter ends.


NY: 3 | STL: 26 at the end of the third

Pressured, Williams manages to avoid heavy hits before finally being put down. On third and goal Williams throws an incomplete pass, but a holding penalty forces the first down. Pearson looks to be injured following an attempted touchdown. Williams continues to overthrow under pressure, and the Guardians went from first down to fourth in just under a minute. On fourth down the Guardians miss another pass, turning the ball over.

Ta'amu runs it up the field himself for eight yards. As pass to Lucas is incomplete, even with the Guardians' defense nowhere to be found. Williams and the Guardians have the ball back and continue to gain a small number of yards. QB Luis Perez is in the game for the Guardians. The quiet Mekale McKay gains 17 yards on a throw. Austin Duke eight-yard catch for the touchdown. Guardians going for three, and Perez gets dropped with a sack.

NY: 9 | STL: 26 with 6:13 left in the fourth

BattleHawks now looking to take time down on the clock, while the Defenders' defense has stopped them from gaining any yards. A ten-yard gain by Russell gives the Battlehawks the first down. Michael continues to run down the field, getting the first down.


Tillery with a 22-yard gain as the two-minute warning hits. St. Louis will have complete control of the ball. Tillery continues to rush up the field as we have 1:06 left in the game. On fourth and one, a 36-yard FG attempt is stopped by a BattleHawks timeout. Field goal is good!

NY: 9 | STL: 29 with 0:47 left in the fourth

Guardians' Stockton runs up the field following the kickoff for 36 yards. Perez in for the Guardians and gets sacked, the third one of the day for the St. Louis defense. Victor runs the ball for eight yards. Perez throws it to Bibbs for five. Eight seconds left and the Guardians attempt to move the ball. Time winds down and the BattleHawks fans are going wild.

Final: NY: 9 | STL: 29