FOX announced that their first XFL game, The Houston Roughnecks defeating the L.A. Wildcats this past Saturday, scored a 2.3 rating in the early metered markets. The final rating should be available soon.

Zack Guzman of Yahoo noted that the audience for the game was 2.77 million viewers, down 16% from the 3.3 million viewers scored by the XFL game on ABC immediately preceding it.

As previously reported, the now-defunct AAF football league, that lasted just eight weeks last year, averaged 2.9 million viewers for their premiere game on CBS. While ratings dropped sharply in week two to 1.018 million viewers on TNT, it ultimate folded after it lost financial backing.

The original XFL debuted to a massive 9.5 rating and 14 million viewers on NBC in February of 2001. Ratings collapsed immediately, bottoming out in weeks eight and nine with a 1.5 rating, an 84% drop from the premiere. The final XFL game on NBC scored a 2.1 rating.

The ratings for Sunday's XFL games on FOX and ESPN are not yet available.