Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Brandon Cutler goes to see what Matt and Nick are up to and head into the locker room where the brothers are singing “Into the Unknown” in the bathroom. They come out at the same time and realize Cutler was taping them. Nick goes, “You didn’t hear us, right?” Cody strolls in and hits a high note, everyone starts laughing.

* Young Bucks traveling to Dynamite taping, trip was supposed to be a quick one, but ended up turning into a long travel day for the brothers. Due to the delay, Matt and Nick go shopping, rather than sit in the airport. They head over to Hot Topic to check out the AEW shirts. Matt and Nick are talking to Cutler and bring up how they’ve never seen any episodes of Star Wars. They finally get on the plane, but they lost their first class seats and are flying in economy. Cutler jokes, “EVPs.” Matt says it feels like 2018 again when they would fly economy to Japan for NJPW. It ended up taking them 17 hours to get from California to Houston.

* Matt and Nick catch up with Page (in front of a craft beer stand) and apologize for what happened last week. They says they should have kept it private, and ultimately friendship is the only thing that matters. They tell Page that he can always come to them if they have any problems, Page is being fairly quite, but says “I know, we’re good.” Matt says it doesn’t matter what happens in the upcoming tag battle royal (winners face tag champs at Revolution), it’s “Elite forever.” Bucks head off, Page asks Cutler if he’s in a tag battle royal. Cutler explains what it is, Page asks who’s in the match. Cutler runs through some of the teams?including Young Bucks. Page stops him and confirms Bucks are in it, looks annoyed, then heads off.

* Backstage, Kris Statlander learns how to eat vegetables with the Best Friends and Orange Cassidy sitting by.

* Matt, the barista, is ready to go in the locker room. Scorpio Sky walks up and says he’s super tired. Matt says he’s got his order all ready, Sky has some, Matt hints at giving him a tip. Sky looks at his cup and it says “2 Cold Scorpio,” says “that’s not right,” and heads out. Christopher Daniels heads in and asks for a large coffee. Matt corrects him that it’s a “venti” and boots him out.

* Backstage, tipsy Page walks up to TH2 and says “H2O! You’re my least favorite beverage.” He asks them if they are in the battle royal, then gives them a “tip” that the left side of Matt’s back is still giving him trouble. Page says they should take it easy on him, but he didn’t hear it from him. Page then talks to Butcher and Blade, says if they want the house to crumble, they should take out Matt, since he’s the foundation / muscle of the tag team. He then goes to Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy, directing them to take out Nick, who can’t see if his contact comes out, but they didn’t hear it from him! Tipsy Page is taking a shower with Best Friends and Cassidy standing by, also directing them to Nick, saying if they go for a lowblow, it would be easy to get rid of him.

* Backstage, Kenny talks with Page, who is smelling some random bottle. Omega says they have a good thing and they are getting over, but they don’t have a team name or double team move names. Omega recalled a duo on old BTE’s that were put together and were opposites, once they did their own show and hung out more, they became best of friends, so Omega would like to do that. Cut to goofy music and singing as Page sweeps a room and Page drinks a beer for their “Kenny and Hangman take AEW” show. Cut back to Omega and Page talking, Page says that would never work, sounds dumb as hell, and leaves.