The AEW on TNT Twitter account announced a drinking game for tonight's Dynamite episode on TNT.

As noted, AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes will be doing commentary on tonight's episode from Daily's Place in Jacksonville, FL, which will air from a closed set. Rhodes will do commentary with Tony Schiavone, and will wrestle Jimmy Havoc in a singles match.

The AEW on TNT Twitter account announced the following rules for tonight's drinking game:

* Every time Cody says "Wait a minute..." during commentary, take a drink

* If Cody says "Wait a minute" more than once in a row, chug for 5 seconds

Havoc responded to the drinking game tweet and wrote, "We have a drinking game in England too, it's called drinking. The rules are simple - You drink when you want. It's cute that he thinks he'll be able to talk ok after the match tomorrow. I hope he's ok to lift his own drinks too. Cheers," he wrote.

You can see the full tweets below: