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– Recap of Inner Circle taking Jon Moxley out of last week’s main event, then returning, and eventually getting powerbombed off the stage.

– Earlier tonight, Hangman Page talks with Tony Schiavone and is asked who his partner is tonight. Matt and Nick Jackson show up, Page says it’s a mystery, but he wouldn’t pick either of them, it’s someone he’s known for a long time and trusts.

Cody (with Arn Anderson and Brandi Rhodes) vs. Ortiz (with Santana)

Ortiz getting the best of Cody in the early stages of the match. Camera cuts to the crowd where Jake Roberts and Lance Archer make their way to the front row. Cody launches Ortiz into the steps, Santana gets in front of his tag partner for a moment. They make their way into the ring, Cody controlling things until Santana tugs at his boot for the distraction, Ortiz with a kick from behind to drop Cody. Cody with a knee to the midsection, tries for a kick, but Ortiz drops Cody’s knee down on his shoulder.

Cody sent out to the floor, Santana with a cheap shot to Cody’s leg. Arn barking at Santana. Ortiz tosses Cody back in the ring, big splash, cover, two. Camera cuts to Roberts and Archer looking on. Cody working his way back into the match, ten-punches in the corner on his opponent. Ortiz flops down to the mat, Cody takes off the weightbelt and launches it into the crowd. Cody up top, Santana with the distraction, Ortiz crotches Cody.

Santana goes up for a superplex, gets pancaked to the mat. Referee checking on Ortiz. Santana grabs Cody’s foot before he could leap off, Brandi comes over and smacks Santana with her belt to get him away. Ortiz still hits a superplex on Cody, pin, two-count. Santana and Ortiz now facing off on the floor. Cody hits Santana with a suicide dive, Ortiz follows, blocked, Cody lifts and plants Ortiz on the ramp. Archer was about to jump the rail, but Roberts says something to him to keep him back. Roberts smiles over at Arn. Back in the ring, Ortiz with a dropkick to the knee, fisherman’s suplex, cover, two. Roberts and Archer leave and head to the back. Cody gets Ortiz’s leg over the rope, dragon screw leg whip, then kicks the leg, and finally stomps down on it. Cody locks in the figure-four. Ortiz finally taps out to it.

Winner: Cody via Submission

– Post-match, Santana with the cheap shot on Cody with the loaded sock. Matt and Kenny run down to the ring to help Arn get rid of the Inner Circle members. From the big screen, Chris Jericho (with Sammy Guevara and Jake Hager) tells the group, they are being put on notice. In two weeks, “we’re gonna beat the hell out of you pumpkin head, dip s—s.” They says the guys probably wonder where Nick is, they ran into him, and it looks like he had a bit of a headache. The camera pans down and Nick is squashed under a big door, blood pouring from his head. The Elite and others run to the back to check on him. During the split-screen commercial, medical staff helps Nick, puts him on a stretcher, and takes him to an ambulance. Looks like Cody and Matt Jackson (maybe Kenny Omega? Couldn’t quite tell) are going to the hospital in a separate car.

Bea Priestley and AEW Women’s World Champion Nyla Rose vs. Kris Statlander and Hikaru Shida

Priestley and Rose with the quick attack on their opponents. Rose drops Shida in the ring, kip up by her opponent and a shove, but Rose flattens Shida with a clothesline. The champ with a standing leg drop, cover, two. Priestley tags in and hammers away at Shida and keeps control of the match. Rose gets tagged in and kicks Shida right in the midsection.

Suplex on Shida, pin attempt, two-count. Statlander gets the tag, but Priestley initially keep controls, locking in a submission. Priestley leaps up to the second rope, Statlander stop her, backbreaker, then puts her in the corner on the second rope. Shida with the tag in, suplexes her own partner into Priestley, cover, two. Crowd with a “Holy Shida!” chant. Priestley cracks Shida with a kick, Shida does the same, Priestley hits a suplex, but then takes a knee to the back of the head.

Shida looks to tag out, but Rose gets the tag, runs over and knocks Statlander off the apron. Crowd booing the champ. Shida draped over the top rope. Nyla up to the top rope, goes for the big knee drop, Statlander pulls her partner out of the way. Statlander with a kick, Shida hits a low missile dropkick off the top rope. Statlander and Shida with double kicks on the champ, cover, two. Shida with an enziguri, lifts and plants Rose! Cover, Priestley breaks it up, but Statlander sends her out of the ring. Ripcord clothesline by Rose on Statlander. Shida with a hurricanrana on Rose, goes up and hits a superplex on Priestley, but Rose then hits a spear on Shida, beast bomb, cover 1-2-3. Crowd was into that match.

Winners: Nyla Rose and Bea Priestley via Pinfall

– Post-match, Priestley drops Rose and then holds up the title for a moment before tossing it to Rose.

– Two weeks ago at Revolution, Christopher Daniels came to the ring like he was the Exalted One, but faked out the Dark Order to help save his SCU stablemates and Colt Cabana. Last week, SCU & Cabana beat Dark Order in an 8-man tag. Daniels does a mock Dark Order vignette, dressed as their spokesman. He talks about Dark Order initially being poised for success, until they ran into SCU. Daniels (dressed in his SCU gear) is spliced in from time to time to make fun of the group (“Screw the Dark Order!”). Daniels says he challenges Evil Uno and Grayson to singles matches at any time they want. Daniels says there is no Exalted One, and he’ll prove it by beating each guy and no Exalted One will show up.

MJF, The Butcher, and The Blade (with The Bunny and Wardlow) vs. Jurassic Express (Luchasaurus, Marko Stunt, and Jungle Boy)

Stunt and MJF start out. MJF wearing the “I Pinned Cody” shirt, shove Stunt into his corner, turns around to take his shirt off and taunt a bit. Luchasaurus is tagged in and walks up behind MJF. MJF backs away. Butcher and Blade get in double chop blocks on the big man though and MJF gets in some shots. Luchasaurus is kept in the wrong side of town as MJF’s team tags in and out to beat him up.

Luchsaurus tries to fight back, dragon screw leg whip by MJF. Luchasaurus can’t tag his way out of the match and continues to get beat up by the opposing team. Luchasaurus fakes Blade with a heel kick and hits a roundhouse kick. Both Blade and MJF hold one of his feet to keep him back, he just slowly walks across the ring with the both of them, but they trip him up momentarily. Jungle Boy tags in, big shots to everyone on the other team. Big lariat to Blade, second rope moonsault that sends him out to the floor. He looks to fly, but Butcher stops him. Stunt leaps off the top rope assisted huricanrana, tries a suicide dive on two guys, they catch him. Jungle Boy follows and knocks all three down.

Luchasaurus with a step-up senton to the floor on all three guys! “Holy s—!” chant. Back in the ring, Luchasaurus with a double chokeslam, standing moonsault on MJF, cover, gets broken up. Butcher and Luchasaurus each throws headbutts, big chops, Luchsaurus with a roundhouse kick, but Butcher hits a lariat in return. Stunt tags in and stomps away at MJF in the corner. Jungle Boy up to the top rope, Bunny on the apron for a distraction, Blade shoves Jungler Boy to the floor. Wardlow blasts Luchasaurus on the outside as the referee is distracted. MJF with the salt of the earth (fujiwara armbar) and Stunt immediately taps out.

Winners: MJF, The Blade, and The Butcher via Submission

– Last week, recap of the main event with Sammy Guevara and Chris Jericho beating Darby Allin.

– Vignette for Darby Allin, showing someone in a body bag wearing a Sammy Guevara mask. Allin has a Jericho mask on. Allin gets in a truck and pulls the body bag around a yard with music playing in the background.

– On the stage, Tony Schiavone introduces Britt Baker, she comes out with some coffee. Says she’s glad Tony is here because there’s not much to do in Utah. Baker makes fun the state’s liquor laws, and the poor oral health among the fans. Baker says despite everyone in the crowd looking the same, like we’re at a family reunion, everyone can reach their goals. Even if it’s being a janitor. That’s why she’s here to be everyone’s role model and lead by example. Crowd boos. Big Swole makes her way out and says all Baker does is talk. Swole gets closer and Baker hides behind Tony. “PSA, boo…he don’t even like you!” Baker says the only wrestler anyone cares about in her household is her boyfriend (Cedric Alexander). Swole then shows her ring, “I’m married…bay bay!” Baker then throws the coffee in her face and runs off.

Joey Janela and Private Party vs. Death Triangle (PAC, Pentagon Jr., and Fenix)

Death Triangle with the immediate attack, PAC and Kassidy get things going. Back and forth reversals lead to Kassidy with a big kick. PAC drives Kassidy into his own corner, no tag though. He eventually makes his way back over, Quen tags in. Kassidy hits silly string. Janela tagged in and faces off against Pentagon, taking a big leg kick. Janela takes Pentagon off his feet, hits a big lariat. PAC runs in and drops Janela. Other members get in and go after each other. Janela to the corner and hits a crossbody on all three opponents.

Janela going to work on the opposing team, hits a suicide dive on Fenix. Tags in Quen, does gin and juice, except with a death valley driver. Kassidy with a big senton, Quen hits a shooting star press, cover, Pentagon breaks it up. Tags in and plants Quen into the mat, big kick to the leg. Fenix and PAC get involved, triple team move on Quen, cover, two.

PAC tagged in, spinning heel kick, lands another, german suplex, but Quen lands on his feet. Fenix and Pentagon sent out to the floor. PAC and Janela end up on the apron. Quen goes over the top and hits a senton on Pentagon. Kassidy then leaps off of PAC’s back and hits a senton on Fenix. Janela with a death valley driver on the apron on PAC. Janela to the top rope, elbow drop, cover, two-count. Fenix in with a springboard cutter. Pentagon and Fenix hit package piledriver / foot stomp combo on Janela. PAC then heads up and hits a black arrow for the win.

Winners: PAC, Pentagon Jr., and Fenix via Pinfall

– Post-match, Death Triangle lock all three guys up in a triple submission. Best Friends and Orange Cassidy head out to clear Death Triangle from the ring.

– Backstage, Lexy Nair talks with Dustin Rhodes and asks him why he’s in his ring gear. Dustin says he’s pissed off and is tired of the Inner Circle. He tells Hangman Page that he’s his partner tonight and they are “fixing to do some cowboy s—.”

– We see some submissions as Shawn Spears looks for the perfect tag team partner.

– Rules announced for Blood and Guts match: Two men enter the cage for one five-minute round. Then every two minutes another participant enters. Match officially begins after all ten men have entered the cage. The winning team is determined by making any opponent submit or surrender (no pinfalls, no count-outs, or by escaping the cage).

– Jim Ross has a one-on-one interview with AEW World Champion Jon Moxley. Ross says Moxley is not medically cleared after last week’s show, Moxley just says he’s not feeling 100% right now, doesn’t go into specifics. Ross says the 1-on-5 odds are tough for Moxley. Moxley says he means what he said and calls out Hager after the powerbomb. Ross asks Moxley what his plan is for Newark. Moxley says he wouldn’t miss that show for the world. Says the Inner Circle is focused on The Elite, but Moxley is in their blind spot.

Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara (with Santana, Ortiz, and Jake Hager) vs. Hangman Page and Dustin Rhodes

Commentary says Page and Rhodes hadn’t talked at all before this. Page didn’t seem thrilled with Dustin being his partner. Jericho starts out with Page, but quickly tags out to Sammy. Page goes to work on Guevara. Rhodes tags in and beats up Guevara some more, whipping him into the corner. Page brought back in, but Guevara dumps him out to the floor. Page gets dropped. Jericho mocks Page, taking a beer, “I’m a cowboy!” Page punches Jericho, he spits the beer up in the air. Page then takes the beer and has some himself. He turns around and eats a penalty kick from Guevara on the apron. Back in the ring Jericho continues to chop away at Page.

Guevara brought in, but Rhodes is tagged in, big spinning powerslam on Guevara. Punches Jericho right in the face. He swings away on Guevara in the corner, leaps off and pops Jericho again. Guevara lands a kick though, cover, two. Jericho tagged in, beats up Dustin, but he’s able to tag in Page. Guevara also tagged in and eats some strikes, massive boot to the face. Jericho tries to hit Page, gets knocked off the apron. Page with a fallaway slam on Guevara, kip-up, leap over the top rope and clears out Jericho.

Guevara with a hook kick, Jericho tagged in. Lands a bunch of chops, Page on the apron, punches Ortiz. Page and Rhodes both go up. Rhodes with a twisting crossbody on Jericho/Guevara while Page hits his moonsault on the Inner Circle members on the outside. Page looks for buckshot lariat but it’s counter into the walls of Jericho. Dustin breaks that up though, Dustin sent out. Page looking for buckshot lariat on Guevara, but Jericho yanks him to the floor. Rhodes with a canadian destroy in the ring on Guevara, buckshot lariat by Page on Guevara for the win.

Winners: Hangman Page and Dustin Rhodes via Pinfall

– Post-match, Inner Circle immediately attack. Much of The Elite is already gone. Omega runs out (has a broken hand though) and that’s attacked. Jericho with judas effect! Cody runs out and swings away on everyone. Hager with a big spinebuster on him though and he’s tossed to the floor. Ortiz suplexes Cody on the ramp. Page is brought up to the stage by the group. Page is almost powerbombed off the stage, but Matt Jackson shows up and takes down the group. He and Page stare at each other, Matt flips off Page. Jericho then cracks both Matt and Page with the chair. Jericho then puts the chair over Matt and sits on it. The entire group gathers around him and flips off the camera.