AEW Dynamite Results: Dark Order's Exalted One Revealed, Another Big Debut Takes Place

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- Cody Rhodes opens the show in the ring (arena darkened with a spotlight on him), addresses the current worldwide situation, says we as human beings have to stand together, and for now, that means at a distance. The camera shows the empty building. Cody says he refuses to live in a prison of fear, he feels alive, and he hopes the fans at home feel the same. Cody then talks about his fellow stablemates. He tells Matt his anger towards Hangman Page is misplaced, says he needs to carry Nick Jackson's giant heart so The Elite can get the advantage at Blood at Guts. He moves on to Hangman Page and notes he's said over and over Page is the best wrestler in the company. He tells Page he lost to Jericho for the title, so did he, it's time to get over it and be the reason The Elite wins at Blood and Guts. Cody then talks about Kenny Omega, how they are friends, but constantly banter about who's "1a" and "1b." Cody says he needs Omega, he needs the "real" Omega tonight, the "Best Bout Machine." Matt and Kenny make their way out to the ring, Cody holds the ropes open for them.


Omega takes the mic, says he agrees he and Cody haven't seen eye, but here they are. Omega says the world is falling apart, and they don't even know if they will have Dynamite next week, but if it's up to him they want to go out, the same way they come in, as The Elite. Matt gets on the mic and says it's just three of them in the ring, where's Page? Nick is out indefinitely, where's Page? Hangman finally strolls out with a drink, but stays on the stage.

Matt says he knows things have been weird lately, but he's asking Page, as a man, will Page stand with them tonight and next week. Page nods and gives them cheers, then heads to the back. Omega talks to the camera, he says he knows they are out there and can feel their energy, so all they can do is give them the best possible show. Omega calls for the lights and pyro (they go off) and the Dynamite music plays.


- Jim Ross, Taz, and Excalibur on commentary. They run down tonight's matches. It will be Cody, Matt Jackson, and Hangman Page vs. Jake Hager, Santana, and Ortiz in that six-man match.

- At ringside, Tony Schiavone talks with MJF and asks him about tonight. MJF says he was offered money to wrestle tonight, but he'll pass and let the midcard entertain tonight. Apparently, he and Shawn Spears are gambling on tonight's matches, MJF asks Tony if he wants to get in on the action.

- Brandi Rhodes doing ring announcing tonight with Justin Roberts not at the show.

- A couple wrestlers are watching at ringside: Colt Cabana, Sonny Kiss, Frankie Kazarian, MJF, Wardlow, Shawn Spears, and others.

- Orange Cassidy joins commentary.

Best Friends vs. Lucha Bros

Back and forth chops by Fenix and Trent. Trent with standing double stomp, snapmare, kick to the back of the head. Taylor tagged in. He flexes with Trent, MJF yells out "Don't let the haters get to you, you're in great shape...for a potato!" Camera cuts to Cassidy, who may or may not be sleeping. Trent back in the ring, shoulder block on Fenix. Camera keeps showing the wrestlers watching the match, gives at least some noise in the background, so it's not just totally silent.


Taylor sent to the floor, double superkicks to Trent's head, cover, two-count. Pentagon gets in the ref's face for a moment, then lands a big chop to Trent's hamstring, then lands another big one. Spears and MJF enjoying some wine as they watch match. Double team move, big splash on Trent. Fenix dropkicks Taylor off the apron. Cassidy finally stands up and stares at Fenix. Trent takes down Pentagon Jr. Fenix drops Taylor and all four guys are down and out. Back in the ring, Pentagon with a thrust kick to the face of Trent, cover, two.

Trent with a tornado DDT, tags in Taylor. Fenix in, takes a clothesline and then a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Pentagon gets in the ring, but gets taken out by Taylor. Assisted cutter on Fenix. Best Friends go in for a hug, but do an elbow bump instead. Fenix and Pentagon with double superkicks. Taylor on the ramp now, they look to finish him off, but Cassidy makes his way down the stage. Taylor shoves Pentagon and Fenix off the ramp, then distracts the ref. Trent holds the two opponents and Cassidy does a no-handed splash on them. Back in the ring, Taylor with a package piledriver, cover, two. Best Friends looking for strong zero, no luck. Referee distracted again, Pentagon with a lowblow kick on Trent, then boots Taylor to the floor. Package piledriver / double stomp combo, cover, two.


Winners: Pentagon Jr. and Fenix via Pinfall

- Post-match, Tony talks with Best Friends right after the match. Taylor doesn't appreciate his friend getting kicked between the legs, and wants a rematch. They challenge the Lucha Bros to a Parking Lot Street Fight on next week's show.

Penelope Ford vs. Hikaru Shida vs. Riho vs. Kris Statlander

Riho and Ford immeidately start fighting after Ford beat her on last night's Dark. Statlander and Shida look for a double suplex on Ford she blocks it and tries to fight them off. Sabian gets involved and trips up both women. They end up landing massive forearms on him. Ford heads out, but also gets dropped. Back in the ring, the other three women battle each other.

Riho gets sento ut of the floor, Shida with a thumb to Statlander's eye, cover, two. Statlander with a big lariat. Ford leaps off the top rope, has a bad landing though. Riho and Ford dispatch Shida. Riho with forearms to Ford, Riho then hits a low dropkick on Sabian. Ford able to attack from behind. Ford with a double handspring back elbow to Riho in the corner. Sabian tries to help Ford, eats a flying knee.


Riho tries for a snap dragon, Shida with a boot that finds Riho's face. Ford then drops Shida. Statlander back in the ring and drops Ford, boots Shida in the head, pancakes her, and then throws Riho down on Shida. Ford with a second rope poisonrana on Statlander! Shida is right on Ford, Ford tries for a handspring cutter, gets kicked in the back. Shida with a falcon arrow, cover, two-count. Shida with a running knee strike on Ford, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Hikaru Shida via Pinfall

- At ringside, Tony talks with Colt Cabana, noting he's currently 2-0. He asks Colt if he's scout, Colt says this is weird, but he's scouting for sure. Colt says the women's division is looking great, and he's pretty sure none of them will bite him (reference to Shayna Baszler biting Becky Lynch). Colt thought the match was great, thought Ford did a great job and would have maybe won if she didn't have her boyfriend getting involved so much. Sabian is still at ringside and comes over, asking if Colt wants to go, then shoves him. Colt tries to laugh it off, gets shoved again and then slaps Sabian. He goes back to Ford and helps her to the back.


- Earlier today, Tony Schiavone talked with Jon Moxley outside of Daily's Place. Tony says Moxley isn't medically cleared for action, so he can't enter the building. Moxley says he goes where he likes and can't believe not being allowed to enter. Instead of causing chaos, he's going to take a little drive (using the car he took from Inner Circle). Moxley says he will see Inner Circle soon, and wouldn't miss Blood and Guts for the world.

Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus) vs. The Butcher and The Blade

Butcher and Blade talk with MJF, who hands over a couple bucks. "Looks like Tarzan wrestles like Jane" MJF yells. Jungle Boy works over Blade, cover, two. Jungleboy with a springboard arm drag, ducks some elbows, and then gets hit with the kitchen sink. Jungle Boy gets worked over by Butcher, big chop to the chest.

Jungle Boy throwing chops, but Butcher drops him with one chop. Blade back in the ring, clothesline, cover, two. Jungle Boy has been getting destroyed for a long time, really needs to tag out. Finally lands a big lariat on Blade to potentially get to his corner, but is stopped. Jungle Boy gets on the second rope, kicks Butcher away, leaps over Blade and tags in Luchasaurus who lands a bunch of big kicks. Hits a rough looking moonsault off the apron to Butcher. Back in the ring, he drives Blade's face into the mat, spinning kick, he then plants him into the match, cover, Butcher breaks it up. Jungle Boy with some shots to Butcher, but he ends up getting dumped out to the floor.


Luchasaurus and Butcher throwing forearms and chops. B & B go to work on Luchasaurus, double tema move, cover, Jungle Boy breaks it up. MJF yells for the finisher right now. Luchasaurus breaks it up, and Butcher gets sent out to the floor. Double team cutter on Blade for the victory. Commentary putting over MJF cost Butcher and Blade the match by yelling instructions from ringside.

Winners: Jurassic Express via Pinfall

- Evil Uno and Grayson out to the ring, Uno says the Exalted One is near, and the rest of the members will see what he's seen. He promised the Exalted One is near, and he never lies. He says The Exalted One is near a couple times. Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels come to the ring. Daniels tells them to stop, he's tired of the lies. He says the Dark Order hasn't made anyone any better, and that he's sick of it. Daniels says there's no Exalted One, it's just Grayson and Uno. Music begins playing. Via video, a masked man walks forward. "We do what we want, when we want, if I want something, I take it." He removes the mask and it's Brodie Lee! (Luke Harper!). Lee says Daniels is unsafe now thanks to all of his talking. "You are not the first, out of touch old man who didn't believe in me, but I'll make damn sure you are the last." Back in the ring, Lee is behind Daniels and Kazarian! He, Uno, and Grayson attack the two guys. John Silver and Alex Reynolds get in the ring. Uno yells "Who are you?" The rest yell "We are one!" as Lee stands at the front of the pack. He then walks to the back.


- Ringside, Tony talks with Lance Archer and Jake Roberts. Tony asks why they are here at ringside for two weeks in a row. Roberts says Archer is not here to talk. Roberts says he gave Cody a warning, but Cody hasn't said a thing. Roberts continues that they don't play games. He understands Cody wanting to stay out of harm's way, but to ignore them completely? Roberts isn't okay with that. He tells Cody it's time for him to stand up and meet Archer. He says Cody had a chance to meet them, but now he's going to have to get Cody's attention.

- Vignette for Lance Archer at the Murderhawk Mansion. We see a ring out back with a bunch of people surrounding it. A ring announcer says who's ready to "try or die" against Archer? He gets into the ring and his first opponent tries him, but gets completely destroyed and chokeslammed out of the ring. Another guy gets in, takes a big boot and is planted to the mat. The opponents get bigger and bigger, but it doesn't matter as they each get taken out. Jake Roberts watches from a distance. Archer ends up taking out everyone in the ring, along with a final challenger who he chokeslams on the hood of a car.


- Commentary announces a new match for next week: Wardlow vs. Luchsaurus in a Lumberjack Match.

- Gunn Club in the crowd now.

Jake Hager, Santana, and Ortiz with Sammy Guevara vs. Cody, Hangman Page, and Matt Jackson with Arn Anderson and Kenny Omega (Winners receive entry advantage for next week's Blood and Guts Match)

Dustin Rhodes, and QT Marshall in the crowd for the match. Chris Jericho joins commentary, Guevara sang his them, badly. Hangman "Handswashing" Page was used for his graphic. Cody teases a shirt toss. The wrestlers in the crowd go wild for it, but he tosses it to Brandi. MJF yells at Cody, "Where'd you get that tattoo? Six Flags?!" Cody's attention stays on MJF for a moment. He and Santana start the match, Cody with a spinning powerslam. Santana able to get a shot to the midsection, tag in Ortiz, double suplex.

Jackson tagged in, double ax handle, Cody then tags right back in and beats up Ortiz some more. Page already barking about not getting into the match. Page then runs in and boots Ortiz right in the face. Matt taking care of Santana, but Page tags himself in. Santana immediately beats up Page, but then eats two big clotheslines by Page. Cody tags in, Ortiz with the cheap shot, Santana clotheslines him out of the ring, then eats a superkick. Ortiz sends Cody into the apron. Hager, Ortiz, and Santana doing a one-minute stalled suplex, cover, two.


Hager back in the ring with full control on Cody. Hager with a front facelock, then drives Cody into the corner. Ortiz tags in, shot to the midsection, working over Cody until Cody hits cross rhodes on his opponent. Ortiz able to tag Hager in, but Cody dumps him to the floor. Santana knocks both Page and Matt off the apron. Cody and Ortiz out on the floor, Cody throws Ortiz into MJF.

Wardlow chokes Cody, Arn smacks Wardlow with his clipboard. Back in the ring, Matt hitting a trio of northern lights suplex on Santana. He tries for one on Hager, nope, Page gets in there and they hit a double suplex on Hager. Page and Matt go for IndyTaker, but Hager yanks Page down to the floor. Santana with the tricky roll-up on Matt Jackson for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Jaker Hager, Santana, and Ortiz via Pinfall (will get entry advantage for Blood and Guts Match)

- Post-match, Inner Circle celebrate together on stage. Jericho on the mic, says they have all the advantages. Jericho says he's banning all fans from events until he says so. He doesn't care what's going on the world, they are gone until he says so. Jericho taunts The Elite that they only have four guys, while they have five guys. Continues that The Elite doesn't stand a chance. He says Inner Circle just wins, they haven't shown a crack as a group. Keeps saying "when it comes time" for Blood and Guts. Jericho calling out Brandi and Dustin...A drone suddenly flies above the ring, it's Vanguard 1! Matt Jackson gets on the microphone and says Jericho was wrong about how many guys The Elite have. Matt says he made a phone call to a friend who owed him a favor. Up in the rafters it's Matt Hardy! The Inner Circle looks on as Matt does his "Delete" taunt as the show comes to a close.