Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Matt Jackson at home, making coffee. He says to his kid, “Coffee shop is open, what can I get ya?” His son responds, “Dad, I’m four.”

* Nick Jackson gives an update on his health after the Inner Circle ambushed him. Says he’s doing better from that attack. Also said he had a new baby, Michael. Noted if he gets into wrestling his name will be Michael Jackson.

* Matt and Nick Jackson talking about how everything is closed down. Nick’s gym is open though so Matt and Brandon Cutler are over. Matt says he’s not shaving until quarantine is over. Matt lifting weights, finishes up, Cutler goes to sit down, but Matt coughs into his arm. Cutler then wipes everything down with a disinfectant. Matt says for the last time he doesn’t have it.

* Kenny Omega talks about being at Dynamite with a skeleton crew to defend his AAA Mega Championship. Kenny shows that his cast is off, but they will still tape up his hand. Omega wants to entertain, but also wants to be in a completely different place and city than Colt Cabana. Omega says he combed over every part of his room and there’s not Colt. There’s a TV on behind Omega, initially just news about the Coronavirus, but then it changes to “Chicago Man YouTube Scandal” and the TV then switches to a screensaver with a photo of Colt’s face bouncing around the TV. Omega loses it.

* At home, Christopher Daniels celebrates his “quarantine birthday” with a bunch of people on Skype with him. Daniels opens a gifts and gets a mask, water, hand sanitizer, Monster Rehab, and toilet paper. Daniels then talks to the camera about how this wasn’t exactly how he planned his 50th birthday, but was happy to spend it with his family, and appreciated all the messages he received from friends and fans.

* Peter Avalon watches some AEW, sees Colt Cabana beat Brandon Cutler. Avalon pulls out an old phone and calls Cutler, he then laughs into the phone and calls Cutler a loser. Cutler then reminds Avalon he lost to Cabana, too.

* Luchasaurus looks bored as he walks around his home and gets into his sauna. Luchasaurus talks to his practice dummy (which is wearing a mask) about losing his tail and needing to go home.

* Matt Jackson says he misses shows and the boys, but has been thankful to hang with his family during this time. Matt answers some questions from fans. Talks about writing a book, says it’s maybe the hardest thing he’s done, and isn’t finished with it yet.

* Hangman Page at home, hanging out, Nick calls him, Page ignores it. Page uses the bathroom, runs out of toilet paper. Gets his ring gear on and works on his lariat. Kenny calls him, Page ignores it. He looks over what he has in his kitchen, then checks out Tiger King (dressed like the guy). Cody then calls, again, he ignores it. Page sitting on his porch, Matt calls, Hangman has a drink and doesn’t answer the phone.