Could former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio be returning to the company soon?

El Patron appeared on Nos Cayó La Noche in Mexico, as seen in the video above, and said he’s been in recent talks with WWE. Del Rio believes a deal with WWE can be reached for him to return in mid-2020.

Del Rio said he considers himself to be semi-retired right now, but he’d like to have one more run in professional wrestling.

“We have been in communication, ” Alberto said (H/T to “We have rebuilt the bridge. On their part, they were wrong on some decisions and I also did some things wrong on my part. I am hoping that we can reach an agreement sometime this year or by the middle of this year I’ll be back there.”

Alberto last appeared for WWE in the summer of 2016. He reportedly left while unhappy with his position in the company and how he was used, and he later spoke out against the company after the departure, including negative comments about Triple H. Alberto later revealed in 2018 that he had apologized to Triple H, while blaming his personal issues on ex-girlfriend Paige and her family.

It should be noted that Alberto has made similar claims about a possible WWE return in the past. He spoke to SuperLuchas in March 2019 and said he was back on good terms with WWE, specifically with Triple H, and that the WWE door was open for him to return before he decided to retire. It was later reported that same week that a return was unlikely, at least at that point, as Del Rio’s behavior rubbed many people in the company the wrong way, and his no-shows weren’t forgotten. However, this was before AEW started competing and as we’ve seen over the years, anything is possible in the world of pro wrestling.

Stay tuned for updates on a possible WWE return for Alberto.

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