Arn Anderson recently discussed on his podcast, Arn, once slapping Disco Inferno. Anderson confirmed that the story was try, and gave his side on why it happened.

"Yeah I did, it was possible the wrong thing to do with the job that I had but that aside man to man, absolutely not, it was the right thing to do," Anderson said. "We had worked some shows, and we had a private plane and we were flying back to Florida, we landed in Orlando and we didn't get in till early in the morning. So I see that Disco is just in one of those goofy moods and he's riding Hugh Morris [know as Bill DeMott], 'Ya your daughters like me more than they do you Hugh, they're fans of me more than they are you'. And I see Hugh who was about 330 [pounds] at the time, was really getting pissed."

"Now this is at baggage claim it starts. So we get our bags, we get on the rental car bus, now its smaller area, close proximity, he starts again. Now he's goofing on him but i could see it aint getting over, now he's getting red in the face. I just leaned in and looked at him and said 'Cut the bulls--t out, we're all tired as f***, we're not going to get any sleep'. 'Oh what are you going to do, beat me up horsemen style' was his reaction. So, I slapped the s--t out of him and said no that's Marty Lunde style motherf***er. So I cupped him pretty good and he got a blank look on his face and that's the real story. He shut up."

Anderson was an agent at the time, and said he was just upset with the way Disco was acting. Anderson admitted that he got fed up and couldn't take it anymore.

"You can't slap a guy if you're an agent in charge of the guys, but he just wouldn't let up," Anderson said. "I knew, hey, I might have saved his life. You could ask Hugh, he was absolutely boiling and he was probably fixed to kill the guy. It wasn't so much the content, he was just goofing on him but he wouldn't let up. Everybody was beat, nobody had slept, we were not facing enough time to sleep and that's always part of the dread, knowing I've got three hours to sleep, If I want to get up, I gotta get up and train then cause I still got a pretty heavy drive. Those are all the things that are facing you when all this s--t was going on."

When asked what would've happened if people backstage knew about the situation, Anderson said it never made its way up to the office.

"Never heard a word. I mean, he was man enough not to run to the office," Anderson said. "It probably would have cost me my job."

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