Arn Anderson Says Ric Flair "Bleeds Money From Every Orifice Every Day Of His Life"

Arn Anderson and Ric Flair were key members of one of wrestlings greatest factions, The Four Horsemen. Anderson and Flair were very close friends over the years, and Anderson discussed spending time on the road with Flair on the Arn podcast. Anderson noted the amount of money that Flair would spend carelessly.

"Bleeding money from every orifice every day of his life," Anderson said. "For example, we'd pull up to the Marriott [Hotel] in Atlanta, after the show, here the guys would see us and they'd come running because they knew Ric was a mark. He would give a guy $20 to move the car from the front curb to the first parking space which was ten feet away. He would hand the guy a 20, I would take the 20 out of the guy's hand and hand him a 5, go park the car myself, and put the 20 back in Ric's pocket. 'Quit being ridiculous'."

Flair was always known for being the best dressed and stylish wrestler in the business. Flair would spend a lot of money on his wardrobe from alligator shoes to gold watches. Anderson described the main difference between Flair and him and their outfits and what made Flair so different from everybody else.

"Ric would fly to Atlanta, first day of a loop, go over to his room and he would unzip his garment bag, have like 5 suits, any number of slacks and shirts that had been folded in half but were already dry cleaned, he'd look at them and go 'Oh this is wrinkled'. He would send it back to be dry cleaned again!" Anderson said. "That's a couple of hundred bucks, that's insanity. What do I do? I unzip the bag, it's wrinkled, I hang it up in the bathroom, shut the door, cut on the shower, steam it and it's as good as gold. Not a dime, not a nickel. That's the difference with Ric and I."

Anderson also talked about the amount of money Flair would spend and how the differed.

"When you're making the kind of money that he's made for the length of time he's made it, a couple hundred bucks means absolutely nothing," Anderson stated. "Couple hundred bucks at my house, a lot of money. I may have come across as the blue collar working man because that's exactly who I was. I did not make the money to try to live like Ric Flair, I was cool just living like me and just paying cash."

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