Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* At his hotel room, Matt Jackson talks about having the first-ever production meeting over the phone due to the current situation. Matt talks about having to go get takeout because the hotel said there were already too many people at its restaurant, talks social distancing, not shaking hands with other people. He feels like it's going to be a rough, strange couple of months, but people are doing good. He mentions toilet paper hoarders. Suddenly, Kenny Omega strolls out of the bathroom with some toilet paper in-hand. Matt says he didn't even know he was in there.

* Five minutes later: Matt using the bathroom, realizes there's no toilet paper. "Kenny! Not again..." Matt has to use a towel.

* Kenny Omega in his hotel room with a big handful of toilet paper rolls, treating them like they are his baby. Omega looks to be losing it a bit and says his "We're just getting started" line.

* Brandon Cutler traveling, shows there's no one sitting around him on the plane. Airport has basically nobody in it.

* Matt shows off Daily's Place, says it's kind of eerie with only a handful of people there. They will tarp off most of the seats, only a couple wrestlers will sit around the ring. Matt says he's never experienced anything like this in his career and hopes they can provide some escape for fans.

* Omega then wants to talk about his injury and cast. He goes to talk about it, but Matt walks in. Omega was just glad it wasn't Colt Cabana. Matt asks if Kenny can spare some water for the other guys. Omega asks how many he needs, Matt says he needs all of them. There's a stack of water behind Omega. He begins to move the water slowly to test out his hand. As a package gets removed, we see Cabana was hiding behind them. Omega doesn't notice him until he moves the trash can. Omega gets mad and the two run around all slapstick-like. Colt is able to get away. Omega goes to chase after him. Matt walks in as Omega is freaking out, Matt just wants him to get the water and ends up moving it himself.

* Matt Hardy says because of what the Inner Circle has done to The Elite, Matt is ready to "Eat Blood and Guts, and delete the Inner Circle!"

* Hangman Page drinking at a bar. He goes to pay the bill and left his wallet someplace. Matt shows up and pays the tab, which ends up being $300. Matt asks the bartender for a Diet Coke and says he just needs five minute. He then sits down and tells Page, "Hey, man. Here's the thing..." as the clip ends.