On the latest episode of AEW Unrestricted, Billy Gunn discussed his experience so far working for AEW. Gunn recently discussed being a producer at AEW our Wrestling Inc. podcast, and with Tony Schiavone and Aubrey Edwards, he talked about the stress-free environment of AEW.

“I love it. What it is is it brings you back when to you enjoyed what you did. There was a time when I really enjoyed this, and then it just went away. It went away because of whatever, and then now just being back in the locker room being around, I’m gonna say kids because I’m old, kids that enjoy what they do. They enjoy being here. They enjoy what they do,” Gunn said. “I don’t feel we put any kind of pressure in a sense of you have to do this, you’re gonna be this kind of robot or you’re gonna be that kind of robot. It’s fine to just enjoy myself and not have to be stressed and have people actually want to listen to me.”

Gunn talked about how the characters that AEW has a still trying to find themselves. He credits that to how young the roster is and says that talent are in a direction set for them right now but have the possibility of finding something else for them along the way.

“I think the best part about here is they’re still trying to find themselves,” Gunn admitted. “Nobody’s really set. You have your Jericho’s, your Moxley’s and of course you’re gonna have your set characters that you have to have, but I think everybody else, even though Austin for example, he’s my son, just because he’s in this direction right now, doesn’t mean he’ll end up there. And there’s some other kids that are the same way.

“They’re not set in that direction They’re comfortable in the direction that they’re going, and they’re comfortable right now, but you never know. You never know when big things hit, unless you’re willing to try. If you’re under a bunch a stress and you’re in a straight line and you’re not willing to go off, sometimes you gotta wander off and you’re not afraid to fail and you’re willing to explore different avenues, that’s when all the great stuff happens. It really does because I know first hand, if you just turn yourself loose and believe in yourself. I know what I can do if you just give me the chance, I think that’s what everybody has here.”

Gunn has said before that he does not like to talk about his WWE firing. He did talk about how Cody Rhodes had called him to be part of AEW. Gunn was hired as AEW’s first producer, and he said that he was eager to sign right away.

“Cody called me. They called me and said, ‘hey, we have to have you.’ I’d been fired a fourth time from another place,” Gunn said. “I left over there and out on the indies, I was just having fun. For some reason, people still wanted to book me all the time, so I was super busy. They were in [the] process of doing all of this. All the main characters were set. Now with the main characters, we need people around us, and me and Cody have always had a great relationship. And they reached out like, ‘hey, would you want to be a part of this?’ I went where do I sign?”

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