Since their formation in 2012, Kyle O' Reilly and Bobby Fish have taken the tag team division by storm, competing for companies such as ROH, NJPW and as of 2017, NXT. On, WWE's The Bump this past Wednesday, O'Reilly and Fish stated that a tag team like them just can't be fabricated.

"What me and Bobby have is special," O'Reilly began. "We've been a tag team since 2012. We've been all over the world. As far as I'm concerned, we're one of the top two greatest tag teams of all time. "

Fish added to that comment.

"I think it's confirmation that this thing, you can't really fabricate it," Fish mentioned. "You can't decide somewhere along the way that 'Ok, this is what we're going to do.' This kind of brotherhood that exists between he and I, and Adam Cole and Roderick Strong, it's real. I think people feel that. I think people understand that, and that's why we're successful as we are."

Last month, Fish and O'Reilly's rival, Matt Riddle, posted a tweet asking "How much fish, could Bobby Fish fry, if Bobby Fish, could fry fish?" The panel asked Fish how he felt having his name poked fun at, and if this sort of thing got under his skin.

"No, that didn't get underneath my skin," Fish shouted. "Enough said, done. Period. Let's move on."

Even though O'Reilly and Fish couldn't recapture the NXT Tag Team Championships from The BroserWeights on NXT this week, they still have the goal to become the first-ever, four-time NXT Tag Team champs, and won't let anyone in the division step in their way.

"We're the judge, jury and executioner of the tag team division," O'Reilly noted. "It's been like that since we came here three years ago. It will continue to be that way for many more years to come. We're going to become the first, four-time NXT champions. All we do here is make history."

Both O'Reilly and Fish made it clear, that they want to take on everyone and anyone, including those who are outside of the Black and Gold brand.

"I would love, straight up, a two-on-two challenge with The New Day," O'Reilly noted. "I think that would be something very special, or the Usos. I think that would be something awesome as well. I think we still need to get our revenge against The O.C. since they attacked us."

You can view O'Reilly and Fish's full interview here. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit WWE's The Bump with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription