Inside the Ropes held a sold-out live show, “Hitman: An Evening With Bret Hart”, and Bret Hart shared a story about a party with many WWE wrestlers and Vince McMahon in a San Antonio strip bar. This was around the time of Vince McMahon’s steroid trial, and Bret had shared that he had his hands on a large amount of marijuana and smoked it with his brother Owen.

Bret talked about how he and Owen went to a strip bar near the San Antonio airport. He said that they and other wrestlers, Hulk Hogan, Davey Boy Smith, the Road Warriors etc. were at the bar and Vince McMahon walked in drunk.

“All of sudden Vince McMahon comes in, and I don’t know where Vince was because when we left him at the building, he was sober, but Vince shows up in this big strip bar. He shows up with Pat Patterson and Sgt. Slaughter as his security I guess,” Bret said. “He’s as drunk as I have ever seen him my whole life. He’s a mess. Vince is a total mess. He’s drunk, silly and laughing. His tie is all loose.”

Bret then talks about how the Road Warriors planned to use their finisher, The Doomsday Device, on Vince. Bret described how all the wrestlers crowded around seeing the Road Warriors perform their finisher on Vince including Jim Neidhart.

“I remember Hawk coming up to Hulk Hogan, ‘we’re gonna take Vince out. Me and Animal are gonna do our finish on him.’ I remember Jim listening. Hawk’s gonna do what?

“I remember Jim going, ‘I want to see that.’ I remember Hogan was really winding up Hawk because Hawk was getting pretty crazy. Jim would be followed in tow with our beers and Jack Daniels, and Animal went up from behind Vince, he was standing there talking to somebody, scooped him up. Hawk is standing up there on one of those stripper tables with those poles, and he’d been talking about how he was gonna take Vince’s head off,” Bret said. “I remember we’re all watching like, ‘do it. Do it. Do it.’ I’m like it’s not gonna happen, and it was Hogan daring him to do it. Just when Hawk was gonna hit him with the clothesline getting ready to take his head off, he gave him this lame powder-puff, little clothesline that wouldn’t have broke an egg, and Beefcake and Hogan caught Vince and delicately set Vince on the ground. And everybody gave a little golf clap.”

The lackluster reaction, according to Bret, led to Neidhart saying that the Hart Foundation could do better. Bret unknowingly agreed. Bret has talked about before on punching Vince, but he described what he and Neidhart did to Vince that day.

“I remember Jim pulling his beard. He’s like, ‘I knew they didn’t have the guts to do it.’ Then Jim looks at me and goes, ‘Hart Foundation would’ve done it.’ And Jim had bought me two shots of Jack Daniels,” Hart said. “I had both of them in my hand, and I go ‘yeah, Hart Foundation would have done it.’ And I’m thinking like what did I just say? I would’ve done anything that I could have done just to get away from Jim and Vince and everybody, and as I set the two shot glasses down, Jim picks Vince up. Hulk Hogan was like, ‘are you gonna do it, or am I gonna have to find someone else to?’ I just looked at Hulk Hogan and looked at Hawk, and I just took off and clotheslined Vince full blast.”

Bret has also talked about his relationship with Vince in the past, and he said that after that, all of the wrestlers did their finishers on Vince. He talked about Sgt. Slaughter pushing a police car into a ditch as the police were trying to get everyone out after the bar had closed.

The wrestlers decided to go to Ric Flair’s hotel suite and continue their party with the police giving them an escort to the hotel. He said it was around three in the morning, Ric Flair was not in his room, but Vince came up to the front desk and said, “I’m Vince McMahon give me the key to Ric Flair’s room.” He also described what everyone would do to Ric Flair’s bed as a means to get back at Flair.

“I remember, I don’t know how [they got in], I think it was Curt Hennig to be honest, whenever someone had to go to the bathroom, they started peeing on the king-size bed in Flair’s room, and somehow it was to get back at Ric Flair. I’m not sure how. It was like a rib,” Bret said. “Everybody would pee. There would be like four or five guys peeing on the bed. Everybody peed on the bed. I remember Vince McMahon peed on the bed, and I don’t know whatever happened, but I know Vince paid for everything.”

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