Chris Jericho On Which Wrestlers He Didn't Have Great In-Ring Chemistry With, Origin Of Judas Effect

Chris Jericho did a "Saturday Night Special" stream on his Facebook to do a Q&A with the fans. During the stream, Jericho covered the origin of his finisher, Judas Effect, and talked about not having in-ring chemistry right off the bat with Kazuchika Okada and Perry Saturn.

In regards to his finisher, Jericho is always about reinventing himself and since he was going to a new company, he felt a new finisher was needed.

"I was doing some MMA training earlier this year at Dave Bautista's gym," Jericho said. "You would punch and do kickboxing, and then do a spinning elbow. So, we did the spinning elbow, and I said, 'Hold on, let's try that a few times and let me see if this can work.' And bingo, I had this new finisher, which is really cool because when you do a finishing move, you want it to be something used on everybody and something you can pull out of nowhere with lots of ways in it and out of it.

"Plus, this was a brand new time for me starting with AEW, so I wanted to do something I'd never really done before. Something that's never been kicked out of, that sort of thing. All of those things, putting together the Judas Effect, obviously a great name. When you go to a new company, you want to create a new character, something that's never been done before and that includes reinvention."

Jericho was then asked about which wrestlers he didn't have great in-ring chemistry with over the years. Jericho felt like him and Okada needed more time together and wouldn't mind a rematch down the road.

"My match with [Kazuchika] Okada was really good, but I think it could have been better if I had more time with him," Jericho responded. "Some guys you click with right away, like [Hiroshi] Tanahashi I thought our match was incredible. Couldn't have asked for a better match, it was my favorite match that I had in New Japan?even more than the Kenny [Omega] match. I think with Okada, I would have liked to have another match with him.

"Perry Saturn was another guy, we never had a great match and we should have, but we just didn't connect. All of them are great wrestlers. Other times you step in the ring for the first time?Kenny Omega, Tanahashi, Shawn Michaels. The Shawn Michaels match at WrestleMania 19 was the first time we ever had a match together."

You can check out the full stream in the video below.

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