As noted, the opening match to last night’s WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view saw Daniel Bryan defeat Drew Gulak in singles action.

Above is post-match video of Bryan talking to Sarah Schreiber about the win. Bryan said he feels more alive after the match. He’s never wanted to just go through the motions, he’s wanted to fight with his heart, with blood and guts, and that’s why he’s wanted to fight Gulak for years. Bryan went on with his passionate promo and admitted that Gulak was much better than he thought he was.

“Now, I want to see if he’s true to his word. I want to see if he can help me,” Bryan admitted.

Below is post-match video of Gulak talking to Schreiber about his loss. Gulak talked about being very ingrained into what Bryan does when he steps into the ring. He knows Bryan, he knows the tricks in Bryan’s book, and over time he saw Bryan’s weaknesses. Gulak knows in his heart that he is better than Bryan, and that no one is more passionate than Gulak is.

“On my off day I go to a pro wrestling competition. I see more sports entertainment on my off day. Guys will go home and sit on the couch, not me. I study this. So, yeah, I study the holes in his game and maybe someone who I looked up to, maybe I wanted to help them along, but at the same time I’m not forgetting that I have to make an imprint myself, and if that means walking over him, I’m going to do it. I’m going to lead by example,” Gulak said.

Schreiber pointed out that Gulak didn’t do that at Elimination Chamber, and asked what’s next. Gulak just walked off to end the segment.

It looks like the Gulak vs. Bryan feud will continue.

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