Above is a new trailer for the WWE Untold documentary on NBA legend, Basketball Hall of Famer and former WCW celebrity star Dennis Rodman.

"WWE Untold: Rodzilla Runs Wild" will premiere on the WWE Network this Sunday at 10am ET via the on-demand section. This new trailer confirms that several stars were interviewed for the new piece, including Rodman and Eric Bischoff, plus WWE Hall of Famers Diamond Dallas Page and Hulk Hogan.

Topics of discussion in the special include Rodman's role in the nWo, and his match with Hogan vs. DDP and NBA star Karl Malone at WCW's Bash at the Beach 1998 pay-per-view, which was won by Team nWo.

"Malone never dreamed, as a little kid, of being a basketball player," DDP said. "He dreamed of being a wrestler."

Bischoff added, "I think the tag match involving Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman was one of the highlights of my career."

Hogan recalled how former Chicago Bulls coach Phil Jackson called him looking for The Worm. The big tag team match with the basketball stars came just months after Rodman's Bulls defeated Malone's Utah Jazz in the NBA Finals that year.

Hogan said, "I've got Phil Jackson calling me, going, 'Where's my guy at? Where's my guy at?' I'm going, 'Rodman, Phil Jackson keeps blowing my phone up, you gotta go back.' He goes, 'I don't want to go back!' All the lines were blurred."

While Hogan and Rodman won the match at The Bash, Malone did deliver a Diamond Cutter to Rodman. Rodman revealed his reaction after taking the Diamond Cutter from Malone.

"When he hit me with the Diamond Cutter, I said, 'Thank God this is over,'" Rodman said, laughing.