NBA Legend Dennis Rodman is interested in wrestling new WWE Superstar Rob Gronkowski.

As seen in the clip above from the new “WWE Untold: Rodzilla Runs Wild” documentary on the WWE Network, The Worm commented on possibly facing Gronk.

“Somebody asked me, ‘Dennis, do you wanna wrestle again?’ I can tell you a guy I’d really want to wrestle. That’s ‘Markowski.’ I mean, Rob… that guy from New England,” Rodman said.

Rodman agreed when the interviewer named former New England Patriots tight-end Rob Gronkowski.

“He talks a lot of s–t,” Rodman said of the three-time Super Bowl champion. “I’m 50 years old, you’re like 32, 33 years old, great. It don’t matter to me, let’s go ahead and do this s–t. This ain’t about me making no money, I’ll just go in there and wrestle his ass. f–k it, let’s go in there and do it.”

The 30 year old Gronk recently signed a WWE contract to wrestle for the company and will be hosting WrestleMania 36 next month. As seen in the video below, Gronk made his official return to the company during last Friday’s SmackDown on FOX. He’s expected to wrestle his first match at WWE SummerSlam in Boston later this year. Rodman hasn’t appeared in the ring for a major pro wrestling promotion since his WCW days in 1999. The comments made by Rodman were done before Gronk’s WWE return.