- Above is the first look at "A Future WWE: The FCW Story" on the WWE Network. The documentary, focusing on the Florida Championship Wrestling developmental territory that became WWE NXT, will be available on the WWE Network on-demand section beginning at 10am ET this Sunday. The clip below features Big E talking about his former ritual of having his pinfalls counted to five, instead of three.

- The medics who checked on WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix after taking the RKO from Randy Orton on last night's RAW were enhancement talents - Create-A-Pro Champion VsK and Smart Mark Sterling, who is the producer of Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins' Major Wrestling Figure Podcast.

Several local Northeast indie wrestlers were also used for No Way Jose's conga line in the backstage segment with Erick Rowan on last night's RAW - Shawn Donovan, Steve "Monsta" Mack, Stephen Azure, Slade, Nikii Duke, Ava Everett, Liam Davis, Wrecking Ball Legursky, Vicious Vickie, and Julia Rose.

Many of the enhancement talents used on RAW this week were talents from WrestlePro, which is owned by WWE Producer Pat Buck.

- As noted, Erick Rowan revealed on last night's RAW that he's had a large pet tarantula in the mystery cage that has been teased for a few months now. Rowan's spider is an animatronic robot, according to PWInsider. Animatronic puppets are often used in movies and theme park attractions, and are described as electro-mechanically animated puppets.

There's still no word yet on what WWE has planned for Rowan and his tarantula, but he made a rare cryptic tweet after last night's RAW reveal.

He wrote, "People that like to buzz around, usually get caught in a web. You know the rest!!!!"

You can see Rowan's tweet below, along with video from the segment with No Way Jose: