WWE Hall of Famer “Lita” Amy Dumas is partnering with Impact Hall of Famer Gail Kim and former WWE & Impact star Christy Hemme for their new “KAYfABE” project.

The trio has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project at this link. The campaign launched at 6:30pm ET this evening and as of this writing, already has raised $21,545 of a $400,000 goal, with 39 backers.

The tagline for the project is, “KAYfABE – Real Wrestling. Real Wrestlers. Real Stories.”

The Kickstarter campaign notes that these “truth-telling renegades with a mission to create impactful, female centric, professional wrestling content.”

Full details on the project can be seen in their “Kickstarter Story” seen below, and at the page linked above. It notes that KAYfABE will be a one-hour pro wrestling show that is “50% story and 50% in-ring action.”

Dumas, Hemme and Kim are partnering with several producers and other behind-the-scenes talents, and some on-screen talents, who have experience working with WWE, Impact and other promotions. The Kickstarter page lists the various jobs for the following people – Kim, Dumas, Hemme, Jimmy Jacobs, Chavo Guerrero, Tom Casiello, David Sahadi, Doug Lebow, Geordy Sincavage, Bryan Edwards, Sebastian Sokolowski, Javier Lovato, Alisha Edwards, Curtis Blank, DS Shin, and Jeffrey Lamont Brown.

The Kickstarter page shows how they plan to allocate funds and their stretch goals. It was noted that the $400,000 will see $275,000 go to pilot production; $64,000 go to rewards for backers; $36,000 to platform fees and credit card processing; and $25,000 to operational costs.

You can see a livestream with Hemme, Dumas and Kim above, and below are their most recent tweets along with the full “Kickstarter Story” from their campaign page:

Dear Kayfabed,

You have either stumbled into our world or you are a hard-wired rabid member of the sub-culture that is professional wrestling. As a fan you are the engine that drives the most unique and engrossing form of entertainment on the planet.

Kayfabe is a professional wrestling term derived from carnival lingo that means… to keep secret. Being that we want to keep it REAL, it is the perfect name for our show!

KAYfABE is a one hour professional wrestling show that is 50 percent story and 50 percent in ring action. It is an edgy, racy, cinematic television series about a female led professional wrestling start up. This show is a dramatization and collection of female stories inspired by real life events.

AND YES, this is still at its core, a wrestling show with world-class, in-ring action!

But, in this unique narrative, we take you behind the curtain, into the locker room and outside of the arena. So what does that even mean? What are you watching? Why are these stories worth a s–t!?

Because we present them with no filter! You get drama, passion, humor, love, anger, frustration and real life challenges. Plus, we address the 800-pound elephant in the room, and in the current landscape of the world… abuse of power, manipulation, injury, addiction, inequality and the euphoric high of pursing your life’s passion that clouds every damn decision.

So who are “we”?

We are first and foremost storytellers. A collection of wrestling insiders? outsiders? outcasts? enthusiasts and renegades. Comprised of current and former wrestling talent, writers, producers, directors, cinematographers and production talent from the entertainment and professional wrestling industries. A synergistic DREAM team if you will.

At the heart of this team is Gail Kim, Amy Dumas and Christy Hemme?. the first female talent in professional wrestling to move behind the camera as producers, agents and on the creative writing team.

In the past two years, we have been working through story, budget, and related logistics? outlining the future of this project. This Kickstarter amount is the bare minimum needed to get the job done and produce the pilot. However, also outlined on this this page are our “stretch goals” for better production and more episodes.

We want you involved and have had you in mind since the beginning. This is as much yours as it is ours and we want to give you the opportunity to not only have an investment in the product, but actually help make it happen… because we are stronger together!

Yours truly,


PS. We care very much about our social imprint on the planet and for that reason we chose Social Imprints to create all of our merchandise and fulfill rewards!