The coronavirus has affected the entire world and has really hit the sports world especially hard. Numerous wrestling events have been cancelled or postponed with some promotions like WWE holding events in arenas without fans.

Gail Kim discussed how the coronavirus has personally affected her when she joined The Wrestling Inc. Daily.

"We just had to cancel an appearance [Friday] as it's spiraled in the last two days," Kim said before adding that she enjoys being personable with fans. "We just had to postpone it and once this clears then we're gonna come back and do it the proper way."

Most sports in the United States have suspended play due to the coronavirus pandemic but wrestling hasn't gone to those lengths just yet. Kim was asked about what would happen if pro wrestling has to go dark.

"I don't know. I keep hearing about empty arena shows and the fans are part of our show. I know that as a performer how much we rely on the fans for how we feel and react. It just seems really strange," admitted Kim. "Maybe they can come up with different concepts to have content with the wrestlers not wrestling which kinda sucks because that's the whole point.

"I think fans still do love the personalities and people so maybe there's something they can do and we can get through this."

Sami Callihan has gone on record by saying he won't be participating in any pro wrestling shows until this situation gets better. As a producer for Impact, Kim responded to Callihan's comments.

"I think every individual is gonna feel differently about it. Things have gotten more serious over the last few days so now we're thinking with more of a responsibility cap on. I think health is the No. 1 priority right now," said Kim.

The first coronavirus case was reported in China and because of that many people of Asian descent have experienced racism. Kim is of Korean descent and discussed if she's experienced any racism because of the virus.

"I haven't yet [laughs]. I did have a little bit of a cold last week when I was flying and I felt whenever I coughed twice everyone was like, 'Ahhh!' But I don't think that was because I'm Asian but because I was coughing," stated Kim.

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