Night two of GCW The Acid Cup 2 took place last night where fans watching along could donate to the wrestlers working at the event. As of this writing, the event raised $11,718.

The show featured a 16-person tournament with Chris Dickinson winning against Blake Christian in the finals.

Below are the full results:

* Shane Mercer defeated KTB (Quarterfinal Match)

* Blake Christian defeated Matthew Justice (Quarterfinal Match)

* Chris Dickinson defeated Allie Kat (Quarterfinal Match)

* Jordan Oliver defeated Nick Gage (Quarterfinal Match)

* Joey Janela defeated Jimmy Lloyd (Social Distancing Match)

* Chris Dickinson defeated Shane Mercer (Semifinal Match)

* Blake Christian defeated Jordan Oliver (Semifinal Match)

* Nick Gage won the Clusterf— Match

* Chris Dickinson defeated Blake Christian (Finals)