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Commentators Josh Mathews and Don Callis welcome fans to a brand new episode of Impact! The show kicks off with an eight-man number one contenders match for the X-Division Championship.

Willie Mack vs. Chris Bey vs. Acey Romero vs. DAGA vs. Rohit Raju vs. “The Golden Draw” Jake Crist vs. Trey vs. Cousin Jake

Everyone goes to the outside, except for Romero and Mack. Romero clotheslines Mack to the canvas. Bey and Trey run back in the ring and push Romero out. Bey and Trey exchange arm drags. Trey puts his hand out, and Bey rejects it with a kick. Bey sends Trey to the outside. Raju steps in. Bey sends Raju to the corner with a few back kicks. Raju comes back swinging and covers Bey, Cousin Jake runs in and breaks the pin. Jake powerbombs Raju to the mat. Jake Crist runs in and takes out Jake. Mack returns and powerslams Jake. Jake rolls out of the ring. Mack rolls over the top rope and takes out both Jake’s on the outside. Daga comes in. Daga pulls through with several quick strikes on Raju. Romero is back in. Daga tries to take Romero down, but Romero flattens him. Romero climbs to the middle rope. Cousin Jake and Jake Crist run in and climb to the middle rope, along with Trey and Bey. Now, it looks like the tower of doom. All four men send Romero down on the mat. Bey flies in the air and gets knocked out mid-air with a punch from Mack. Raju breaks up a pin. Daga catches Mack and throws Mack down on the canvas. Trey side steps Daga and then flies through the middle rope. Bey and Raju also fly out of the ring. Cousin Jake joins in on the action and flies out of the ring too. Romero thinks about doing it but gets caught with a superkick from Crist. After Romero puts Crist down, Romero follows through with his original plan and flies out of the ring. Mack grabs a pin on Cousin Jake and wins the match!

Winner: Willie Mack

Willie Mack will have an opportunity to face Ace Austin for the X-Division Championship in the near future!

Backstage: Dave Crist is trying to pump Madman Fulton up. He wants him and Fulton to end their losing streak tonight. Jake Crist runs in and says he’s concerned about Sami Callihan, and this “test” he has for oVe. Dave believes that Sami would never betray his family.

Up next, Chase Stevens returns to take on Moose!

Chase Stevens vs. Moose

[After some technical difficulties, the match is halfway over] Stevens powerslams Moose and covers him. Moose kicks out at 2. Moose picks up the win after planting the No Jackhammer Needed (spear).

Winner: Moose

Post-Match: Moose tries to destroy Stevens with a chair. Scott D’Amore comes out and warns Moose that another TNA veteran is coming for him. It’s Suicide! Suicide flies off the top rope and takes Moose out.

At the Bar: Rosemary is talking to the bartender. Someone sitting at the bar comments back at Rosemary’s remarks. It’s Raven!

Backstage: Ace Austin, along with Reno Scum, congratulate Willie Mack for his win earlier tonight. Mack isn’t buying it. He knows that Austin isn’t that nice. He’s ready for his opportunity to win the X-Division Championship. Johnny Swinger comes in and says he’s still disappointed that the Mack and Pack didn’t work out.

Up next, some tag team action!

Reno Scum vs. Rascalz (Wentz & Dez)

Adam Thornstowe comes in like a wrecking ball, by planting a death valley driver on Dez. Luster “The Legend” takes hold of Dez before tagging Thornstowe back in. Thornstowe locks Dez up. Dez breaks out and both men tag in their partners. Wentz speeds things up with multiple forearm/leg strike combinations. Dez and Wentz climb towards the top rope on the opposite sides of each other. Luster pushes Wentz off. Reno Scum knocks Dez out cold with a double foot stomp (from Thornstowe) and they win the match.

Winners: Reno Scum

After the break, another vignette from Tenille Dashwood is shown.

Next, the Impact Plus Moment of the Week is shown.

After the Impact Plus Moment, #CancelCulture makes a PSA that they are challenging The Deaners to a match next week and that they’re going to cancel them. The Deaners respond by saying that there’s no way they’re going to be canceled because everything they’ve ever watched was never canceled. They run through multiple TV shows that have been canceled over time. After pondering that thought, they go back to preparing for their match next week.

Somewhere near or far: Sami Callihan makes an appearance. He says that he has a plan, and that plan is to take out Ken Shamrock. He wants the world to know that he sees everything!

After that chilling message, Callihan’s family, oVe, makes their way down to the ring.

oVe (Dave Crist & Madman Fulton) vs. Rhino & Sabu (w/Super Genie)

Dave and Sabu start the match. Sabu kicks Dave’s leg and takes him down. Dave gets back up and takes Sabu down. Both men rise to their feet. Sabu lands a clothesline. Dave tags in Fulton and Sabu tags in Rhino. The fans are fully behind Rhino. Fulton shoves Rhino into the corner. Rhino comes right back with a thunderous clothesline, which sends Fulton to the outside. Rhino and Sabu send Dave to the outside as well. Their brawl spreads to the outside. Rhino slams Dave down on the apron. Fulton is biting Sabu. Sabu fires some shots. Rhino and Dave find themselves on the ramp. Dave and Rhino make their way back in the ring. Dave covers Sabu, Sabu pops free at 2. Fulton powerslams Sabu. Dave tags himself back in. Fulton sends Dave crashing on top of Sabu. Dave goes for another cover, Sabu kicks out again. Sabu crawls over and tags in Rhino. Rhino clotheslines Dave and follows it up with a back elbow. Rhino plants a spinebuster on Dave. Fulton breaks the pin. Sabu sets up a chair and flies over the top rope, taking Fulton out on the outside. Dave low blows Rhino. Dave attacks the referee. The referee grabs the chair out of Dave’s hands. Rhino lands the Gore and picks up the win.

Winners: Rhino & Sabu

Ladies and gentlemen, we are heading to The Undead Realm!

Su Yung vs. Havok (w/Father James Mitchell)

***For those watching on Twitch, this match was edited out. You can view the full match above.***

Mitchell turns on Havok and Yung. They are both sent to The Undead Wasteland.

And now, the main event!

Tessa Blanchard & Eddie Edwards vs. Michael Elgin & Taya Valkyrie (w/ John E. Bravo)

Elgin and Edwards start the match. Edwards tags in Blanchard and Elgin tags in Valkyrie. Valkyrie takes Blanchard down with an arm drag. Blanchard gets up and lands a hurricanrana. Valkyrie tags Elgin back in. Blanchard lands a few forearm strikes on Elgin. Elgin sends Blanchard into the turnbuckle. Blanchard counters and tags in Edwards. Elgin back elbows Edwards. Edwards ducks the line and lands a rana. Edwards runs towards the ropes and Valkyrie kicks Edwards in the back. Blanchard runs over towards Blanchard. Back from the break, Elgin tags in Valkyrie. Valkyrie double stomps Edward’s shoulders. Valkyrie quickly tags Elgin back in. Edwards lands on his feet from an attempted Elgin Bomb. Edwards connects a blue thunder bomb. Blanchard and Valkyrie are now the legal women. Blanchard lands a cutter, cover, Valkyrie kicks out at 2. Edwards and Elgin are back in. Elgin superkicks Edwards to the outside. Blanchard crumbles to the ground after an elbow strike from Valkyrie and a clothesline from Elgin. Elgin and Valkyrie set Blanchard up, Blanchard counters. Blanchard tags in Edwards. Edwards sends Elgin down with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Bravo climbs up on the apron and gets taken out. Edwards and Blanchard fly through the middle rope. Blanchard sends Valkyrie towards the guardrail. Blanchard and Edwards work together with a codebreaker/back kick combination on Elgin. Elgin slams Blanchard into Edwards. Blanchard drops Elgin on his head with a reverse rana, followed by a tilt-a-whirl DDT. Elgin gets up and clotheslines Blanchard. Edwards reveres Elgin. Valkyrie kicks Edwards in the face. Elgin connects a buckle bomb, followed by an Elgin Bomb. Elgin pins Edwards and wins the match.

Winners: Michael Elgin & Taya Valkyrie

After Impact goes off the air, we see Yung and Havok looking for a way out of The Undead Wasteland. Rosemary transports herself there and meets up with the ladies. Rosemary says if they trust her, she’ll help them take Mitchell down. They all agree and leave The Undead Wasteland. All three women find Mitchell. As Yung is about to stab Mitchell, Havok grabs the knife and stabs him, herself.

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching! Here’s a sneak peek for what’s to come on next week’s episode:

From all of us here at Wrestling Inc., we hope you stay healthy and safe!

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