This week’s WWE SmackDown on FOX from the WWE Performance Center saw Jeff Hardy return from his 2019 leg injury to defeat King Baron Corbin in singles action.

Not only did Jeff debut a new back tattoo, he also debuted a new move – the Twist of Fury. The new version of his Twist of Fate sees Jeff drop his opponent similar to a swinging neckbreaker, instead of straight down like he and brother Matt Hardy have done for many years. It’s possible that the new style of move and the name change has something to do with brother Matt Hardy using the Twist of Fate in another promotion now that he’s left WWE.

Video from the Hardy vs. Corbin match can be seen above, and below is video of Jeff talking to Kayla Braxton after the win. He also shows off his new back tattoo in this video. Kayla mentioned how it was a little different this week and asked what it was like to perform with no crowd.

“Well, I’m quite different,” Jeff said. “But you’re right, it was extremely different being out there in front of ‘The Invisibles’ and I feel like I’ve been a part of the first-ever SmackDown Twilight Zone, in a sense. It was very strange because I’d naturally, in my mind, envisioned me coming back to the WWE Universe that I know, with the claps and the juke, and all that good stuff, but it is what it is, man. With what’s going on in the world we have to deal with it and make the best out of each and every day.”

Jeff mentioned possibly feuding with Roman Reigns for the second time in the last month when Kayla asked him who he might have his eye on now that he’s defeated Corbin. He also admitted to being a fan of Corbin.

“Yeah, for sure,” Jeff said when asked if he has his eye on anyone to go after. “I feel like there’s something between me and Roman Reigns somewhere down the road, but King Corbin, I’m a fan. I have to be honest. I’m a fan of him, so it was an honor to be out there with him tonight because I love to hate that guy.”

Kayla thanked Jeff for the interview and that’s when he bragged on the new ink, calling the design the 2020 version of Jeff Hardy. He also revealed that he started getting the piece done in July 2019, just a few months after being put on the shelf with a leg injury following WrestleMania 35.

“It’s good to be back and by the way, this is the 2020 version of Jeff Hardy,” he said while turning around to show off the new back tattoo. “I started it in July and wasn’t able to finish it because it was torture to get it done, but this is good enough. I’ve always wanted a back piece and here it is.”

Jeff’s wife Beth Hardy, who has been quiet on Twitter since family issues went public on social media last fall, returned to Twitter tonight to praise her husband and comment on his new chapter. She also seemed to confirm the new finisher change for Jeff as there had been some speculation that Michael Cole just got the “Twist of Fury” name wrong during commentary.

She tweeted, “FURY>>>”

“Welcome back, @JEFFHARDYBRAND! I couldn’t be any more proud of you than I am tonight. You are an absolute inspiration. The true definition of determination & resilience. Forever my Main Eventer?tonight, you’re #SmackDown’s #JeffHardy #CharismaticEnigma #2020JeffHardy #NewChapter,” Beth wrote in another tweet to welcome her husband back to the ring.

This was Jeff’s first match since April 2019. There’s no word yet on what WWE has planned for him now that Matt is gone from WWE, but he’s been rumored for another significant singles push.

Stay tuned for updates on Jeff’s return. You can see the full tweets from Beth below.