Kenny Omega has been widely regarded as one of the greatest wrestlers on the planet since his matches with Kazuchika Okada in NJPW. Omega has been the topic of conversation for some regarding the lack of main event moments he's had in AEW as of late.

On a recent episode of Grillin' JR, which was recorded before Saturday's AEW Revolution pay-per-view, Jim Ross talked about the recent heat Omega's critics have been giving him.

"Some of Kenny's critics believe we haven't seen the old Kenny Omega like many of us saw with his three match trilogy with Okada, I don't know if I agree with that whole heartedly because I've seen brilliance from Kenny in AEW," Ross said. "The big match, the big single match that has had a lot of build like the Okada rivalry had and what was at stake there, Kenny hasn't been involved in that yet in AEW to that degree. But he's still an amazing talent in the ring and he has his critics but we all do. It's like me saying last week, or 2 weeks ago that Nyla Rose was the king of the mountain."

Nyla Rose became the AEW Women's champion by defeating Riho and after the match, Ross stated that Nyla had now become the king of the hill. This caught the eye of many people on social media who questioned Ross' making a male comment about a female. Ross clarified his comment and described his meaning and purpose for calling her the king of the hill.

"I get all kinds of s--t on that deal because it's like you're not acknowledging or giving respect to these transgender people, are you kidding me?" Ross said. "It's a figure of a speech. I guess if I said Bull of the Woods, the old Dusty Rhodes line, then it might have been a little bit more offensive. Sometimes our social media audience gets a little bit too carried away and then all of a sudden become the conscious of the public.

"Nobody respects Nyla Rose and the journey she's been on any more than me. I've been in her corner since day one, we've talked nutrition, we've talked psychology. She's an interesting and ever developing talent, how far she goes I have no idea, I can't predict the future, but I do know I do have respect for her and for those who think not, you're dumbasses, get a life. Understand that we are in a fictional showbiz presentation and it came to me, I didn't write it down and call Nyla the king of the hill, on the hill regarding the women's division in AEW, she is the king or queen whatever you want to say."

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