Jungle Boy And Luchasarus On Receiving Warnings Backstage, Which Tag Team They Want To Face

Jurassic Express have been some of the breakout stars in AEW. Luchasarus and Jungle Boy were at NY Toy Fair to help promote the newly launched AEW action figures. While speaking to Ringside Collectibles, they discussed AEW possibly implementing the "free bird" rule so that anyone in the group can to defend the tag team titles.

"That would be cool," Luchasaurus said. "We've got to win titles first. Me and him [Jungle Boy] have to have a real tag match first. We haven't had a main tag me and him yet, it's been us always as the three of us. The 3 on 3's are great, if we had trios titles, we could bypass the whole thing."

They also discussed who they would like to have their first big tag team match with.

"Probably the Bucks for me," Jungle Boy said.

"Definitely the Bucks," Luchasaurus replied. "Of course I still want to wrestle the Lucha Bros. because I missed out on the one we had."

"They beat the s–t out of me, I'm good," Jungle Boy quipped.

Jungle Boy discussed the atmosphere backstage in AEW. He admitted that he tries to keep things light in the locker room, although that has gotten him into trouble.

"I try and make it my responsibility to keep the locker room as fun as possible," Jungle Boy said. "I get in trouble sometimes for yelling. I'm just trying to boost everyones morale, keep everyone excited, but I've had a talking to before. It was a warning."

Luchasaurus shared his role in the locker room as well and if he'd ever received a warning to calm down.

"Oh yeah, I get a little upset when my stuff doesn't go according to plan," Luchasaurus said. "I'm a very passionate dinosaur and very big so if I get upset, to me it seems normal but maybe I might scare people. But for the most part I'm friends with everybody. I have a leadership role where I'm making sure everyone's nutrition is on point before matches. I'm very concerned with everyone's nutrition before going out to the ring, so I want to make sure everyone's on the same page. Being around for 65 million years I think I've learned something, not many people make it that far. My goal is to keep the locker room a healthy place."

The first AEW stars to get their own action figures include Chris Jericho, Cody Rhodes, Brandi Rhodes, Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks. Jungle Boy gave his thoughts on one day having his own figure and what gear he'd want for his figure.

"I kind of like the classic gear," Jungle Boy said. "I usually just have the brown trunks, that's the image I want to get out there. We did have the white gear that one time for All Out so that would be cool."

Luchasaurus shared his thoughts about potentially having his own figure one day and what he'd like his figure to be able to do.

"I just want to make sure that the hips are mobile on the action figure so the kids can throw my spinning tail whip kicks," Luchasaurus said. "As far as gear, I think my gear is pretty intricate, we had some pretty cool gear at All Out and I'm still wearing that same kind of vibe. I haven't switched yet, I've been trying to hold off from switching that, letting everyone get a feel for us. Maybe at another PPV we'll all come out with some kind of cohesion again down the line, but hopefully they come out with multiple ones eventually."

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Ringside Collectibles with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.