- The above video is the top ten moments from yesterday's Friday Night SmackDown. The moments include Jeff Hardy's in-ring return, Mojo Rawley and Triple H hyped for Gronk's upcoming WWE debut, and Bray Wyatt fires back at John Cena.

- Matt Hardy had to clear up a trademark rumor. Hardy replied earlier to a fan on Twitter that he didn't trademark "Twist of Fate".

Hardy wrote, "I DID NOT. The @WWE & Jeff are completely free to use "Twist of Fate." The change 100% came on their end. I wouldn't ever do anything to hinder my brother. I'm thrilled to see him back on #WWE TV, looking healthy & happy."

Below is Hardy's response:

- EVOLVE Wrestling announced that they are offering fans their first month of Club WWN for free. The streaming service includes shows from EVOLVE, SHINE, DGUSA, FIP, Style Battle, WWN Supershow, and more promotions.

The promotion tweeted, "We always value your leisure time at EVOLVE. We know you need an escape now more than ever. We are offering your 1st month of Club WWN for FREE! Watch every EVOLVE, SHINE, DGUSA, FIP, Style Battle, WWN Supershow ever, plus more!"

Below you can read their announcement: