Matt Hardy Praises Impact Officials, Continues To Fuel Speculation On His Next Post-WWE Move

Matt Hardy continues to fuel speculation on where he might end up now that he's a free agent. Hardy is currently free to go where he wants after his WWE contract expired on March 1.

Hardy took to Twitter during last night's Impact Wrestling episode on AXS and praised the company. He also interacted with the official Impact Twitter account.


"Very happy for & proud of the job @EdNordholm, @ScottDAmore, @CyrusOverHuge & their team & talents have done to rebrand & reshape @IMPACTWRESTLING into a great place for men & women to work & perform. Kudos! The pro wrestling industry needs #IMPACTonAXSTV," Matt tweeted.

Eddie Edwards responded and wrote, "Uncle Big money Matt would fit in so WONDERULLY with our locker room, I mean that goes without saying but I'm just saying @MATTHARDYBRAND"

Matt responded to Edwards' invite and wrote, "Only if Big Money Matt can get a LAVISH locker beside yours, EE."

The first part of Matt's "Free The Delete" series finale will begin later this afternoon. He's tweeted that today will be "DELIGHTFUL" and that is fueling the rumors on a possible AEW debut during tonight's Dynamite episode. Fans are also trying to connect Matt's "And ICU too." tweet to AEW, but it appears that is a reference to the mystery ICU teasers from Impact as Matt was watching the show last night. There's still no update on the rumors of AEW possibly signing Matt to be The Exalted Leader of The Dark Order, but as seen in the tweet below, AEW is also teasing that there could be some kind of reveal on tonight's show.


Stay tuned for updates on what is next for Matt. You can see his related tweets with Impact and the other teasers below: