Below are highlights for the latest Being the Elite:

* Matt, the barista, is overwhelmed with the amount of customers he has and is freaking out. The crowd is getting rowdy and Matt is needs a minute. Someone says "you should quit" and Matt agrees. Says he was never good enough to wear the apron and yells, "I quit!"

* Matt and Nick are at the Dynamite taping in Kansas City with a sold-out crowd. They drop their phone, which falls on a guy's head.

* Matt watches Kenny Omega feed some geese. More geese make their way over to the food. Michael Nakazawa tries to hand-feed them and they walk away.

* Chuck Taylor and Frankie Kazarian shoot some hoops.

* Matt hanging with Brandon Cutler, Nick is home (not medically cleared to be at the show). Cutler then says he caught the latest Free the Delete and asks Matt about him and Nick showing up at the Hardy Compound. Matt says he wasn't even sure what happened there and can talk off-camera about it. Matt then realizes it's time to open up the coffee shop. He goes to the move the table and asks Cutler to help him, he then has a flashback to him, Nick and two others carrying a casket.

* Hangman Page checks on Kenny Omega and his broken pinky. Omega says he's not cleared for the show, but the more interesting story is—and Colt Cabana walks in, then out once he realizes they're filming. At the same time we see a quick upside down image of Matt in his The Elite shirt. Omega says to keep filming and tell Cabana to come back. Cabana seems embarrassed and says to "film it over." Omega says they are family and it's fine, but then gets real mean, "I know your f---ing type. I know what you're trying to do. You gotta remember who shows this is. It's not yours." Cabana says they're ribbing him, Omega say he doesn't like Cabana trying to hijack every scene. Omega says he has no problem making stars, but creatively he's got nothing for Cabana.

Cabana says it's only the second show and creative already doesn't have anything for him? Omega says Colt just needs to mind his own business, Colt gets annoyed and asks if he doesn't want him on the show. Omega says he doesn't. Cabana kneels down and says "I'm going to make it my f---ing business to be on the show every f---ing week, whether you like it or don't like it." Cabana says he'll find a way, whether he's booked or not, even when he's fired from the company, he'll be on Being the Elite. Omega says he'll find Colt every week to make sure that doesn't happen.

* PSA (Public Swole Announcement): Swole says never put raisins in potato salad. It's reckless. Also, tenderize your meat, "get your life together."

* Backstage, Dasha bumps into Billy Gunn, and asks him why he's down. Billy says he doesn't feel like him and his son, Austin, are connecting. Dasha then tells Billy about Benigno Bodega (the fortune teller). They go and meet Bodega, Billy says he doesn't really believe in this. Bodega says, "I only have two words for you: no refunds." Bodega runs through his cards, he tells Billy he's here because he's not Austin's favorite wrestler. Billy doesn't believe that and leaves. Billy runs into Austin and asks him who his favorite wrestler is. Austin laughs and tells his dad is great and has always been the best, "but you know it's always been Road Dogg."

* Locker room, Peter Avalon, comes in and rips on Brandon Cutler losing again (0-10). Cutler reminds Avalon he literally just lost and that put him at 0-11. Avalon gets annoyed and then points to Michael Nakazawa and says he's the worst wrestler in AEW. Nakazawa says he actually has a win, against Alex Jebailey at Fyter Fest. The two realize they are the worst wrestlers in the company. Avalon has to think it over and leaves. Matt Jackson shows up, Cutler tells him he's on a big losing streak and wonders if he's getting buried. Matt has a flashback to digging up dirt with Nick. Matt is kind of out of it and doesn't answer the question.

* Matt and Brandon reflect on their latest week. Matt says he enjoyed Denver, felt like he was in a "whole new world" compared to the busy cities they've been in. Brandon starts playing the song on the piano.

* Backstage, The Elite regroup after brawling out at the ring. Cody thanks Matt, Tipsy Page rolls in and says last time he looked they were both getting their asses kicked and should thank him for once. Page tells Cody and Matt to shut up and listen to him. Page says that's the last time he's saving their asses. He tried to walk out The Elite door, but they didn't listen. He says now that he's whooped Nick and Matt's ass, he's earned the right to leave. He then asks where Nick is, Matt says Page hurt him and wasn't medically cleared. Page asks if he's going to be alright, Matt responds, "He better be."