Mick Foley is on the road again and on The Nice Day Tour which celebrates the 20th anniversary of his Have a Nice Day autobiography. He discussed how this tour differs from his previous one-man shows when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily.

"It's almost entirely different as I may occasionally touch on something I've spoken on on different tours. Whereas the last tour was just about the Hell in A Cell match with The Undertaker in 1998 and bringing it to life on stage on this tour I have 20 years of stuff I can talk about," revealed Foley. "The idea was to take a book that people really enjoyed and bring those stories to life on stage. I gravitated towards some things that worked well and I haven't talked about on-stage, but I maybe mentioned them on a podcast and had potential to be stories.

"That's one of the fun things just finding what stories have potential and then working on them. I take a lot of pride on working on the stories so that every show I give is the best show I can give that night."

Speaking of that iconic Hell in a Cell match, one peculiar thing about it was that the next night on Raw, nobody mentioned the match and the carnage that took place. Foley was asked why WWE didn't focus on it in the immediate aftermath.

"I don't think it was seen as that big of a deal at the time. Undertaker and I had a long history together and that was maybe our tenth televised match. We went in kinda cold as we hadn't done anything with the rivalry in a while. At the next evening's Raw, he came back and said if they aren't gonna mention it, then he would," recalled Foley.

"I'm fortunate and I said this on the tour two years ago that if there had been social media at the time then that match probably would have trended for a couple of days and then probably forgotten. But it was allowed to build organically and was like a snowball gathering speed and volume as it went. So it became bigger as it went along to the point that people are still talking about it 21 years after the fact."

Foley was able to join this interview despite getting in a minor car accident just minutes before as he explained.

"He was in his car and both of us were backing up simultaneously. I was in the wrong but fortunately for me he was a big fan. We took a photo and it all worked out nicely," stated Foley.

He then told story of the last fender bender he had just before a charity visit for Angela's House when he was dressed as Santa Claus. After the accident, he had to compose himself when confronting the person who hit him because he was dressed as Santa.

"I didn't want video evidence of 'Santa Throws a Fit.' I'm pretty level-headed when it comes to that kind of thing so when I got out of the car, I went 'Ooh, you can't hit Santa!' It was a young mom and she turned her head to check on her child and hit Santa. So not every road collision has to end unhappily," stated Foley.

Mick Foley has hit the road with his "The Nice Day Tour," celebrating the 20th anniversary of his inaugural autobiography Have A Nice Day. For information and tickets about upcoming shows please visit www.RealMickFoley.com.

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