MLW Fusion Recap (2/29): Los Parks Vs Contra Unit In A Lumberjack Match, Warner Feuds With Dynasty,

Welcome to Wrestling INC's recap of Major League Wrestling's weekly episodic Fusion. Tonight's show takes place from the 2300 arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Feel free sound off thoughts in the comments. Enjoy the show!


Promo from Contra Unit's Josef Samael. He says that Ikuro Kwon is in Japan training the new death squad, and that a war is coming. He warns Los Parks ahead of their tag team main event showdown in the evening's main event.

Fusion song intro.

AJ Kirsch is in the ring. He goes to introduce Mance Warner but Dynasty comes out instead to a chorus of boos. Richard Holliday is still carrying Savio Vega's Caribbean championship belt. Rich Bocchinin officially welcomes us to the show from the commentary table. Holliday tells the "consumers" to settle down, and offers to give them advice for an episode of "Rich Talk." He says that when Dynasty is in the building the fans are breathing rarefied air. He commends Alexander Hammerstone for making the National Openweight championship the most prestigious within the promotion. Hammerstone gives a heel promo, claiming that no "broad" in the building is worthy of his muscles.


Konnan interrupts before Gino can speak. Crowd gives him a nice response. He tells Gino that he took care of him because he worked with his father in Mexico. "I just wanted to tell you that you just played yourself." Dynasty corners Konnan...Mance Warner, Savio Vega, and Logan Creed all come out to stand by Konnan. Flashback to last week when Dynasty attacked Warner's friend. Warner grabs a microphone and says the people in Philly didn't pay money to listen to them talk. Warner challenges Dynasty to a six-man tag. Holliday says no and begins to exit. Warner calls Hammerstone a punk ass b**ch. This leads to a brawl and this one is official.

Dynasty versus Mance Warner/Savio Vega/Logan Creed

Warner and Hammerstone are fighting on the outside. Creed goes after Holliday on the inside. Stinger splash and chops. Vega lays into Medina with stiff strikes. Holliday drops Creed to a knee but the big man dumps Holliday over the top. Hammerstone hits a pump kick on Creed but it has no effect. Medina sneaks in from behind and attacks Creed. Creed gains the upperhand by chopping Medina out of the air. All six-men continue to go at it until finally the referee gains order and the men take their proper positions on the apron. Dynasty works over Creed in their corner. Hammerstone rocks Creed with a forearm...Creed sends one right back. Holliday tags in. Neckbreaker by Holliday for a nearfall. Dynasty utilizes quick tags to keep the heat on Creed.


Creed makes the hot tag to Vega. He nails Holliday with huge chops. He bounces off the ropes...spinning heel kick connects. Vega goes for the cover...Medina and Hammerstone break it up but Creed comes in and double-chokeslams them. Warner jumps in and the brawl between all six men continues. Warner charges Hammerstone...Hammerstone moves and collides with the ring post. Dynasty goes to the outside to recover...Creed takes them all out with a suicide dive! With all the mayhem going on Holliday hits Vega with the Caribbean belt. That'll do it.

Dynasty wins by pinfall

Post match Konnan sneaks in and levels Medina with the slap jack. Dynasty pulls Medina out and leaves. Konnan, Warner, Vega, and Creed all celebrate by drinking some Bud Lights.

Injustice comes out while Konnan is still in the ring. Oliver takes a jab at Konnan's age and laughs at his own joke. He says that Konnan better leave otherwise he'll slap him across the face. Konnan fires back and says that he knows could trade Oliver in prison for a cup of soup and some cinnamon buns. Brian Pillman Jr. runs out with a chair and chases Injustice out of the ring. Pillman joins Bocchini and Kirsch on commentary. Brazil and Oliver will be competing in tag team action against Laredo Kid and Zenshi.


Injustice versus Laredo Kid/Zenshi

All four men start going at it after the bell rings. Zenshi frankensteiners Brazil over the ropes. Kid sends Oliver to the outside with a monkey-flip. High risk maneuver from Zenshi takes Injustice out on the outside. Back in the ring Kid goes for a cover on Brazil...he kicks out. Injustice takes control of the bout. Oliver lands a standing shooting star press while Brazil yells at the crowd (who is not very audible). Some tandem offense from Injustice including a release German suplex/sic kick combo onto Kid. Kid slaps Oliver and Zenshi gets the hot tag. Handspring backflip kick and the crowd comes to life. Brazil uses the ropes to hit a flying forearm. Code Red by Brazil but Kid breaks up the pinfall. A pair of DDTs onto Oliver from the AAA luchadores. Kid gets into a shoving match with Myron Reed on the outside. Injustice takes advantage and pins Zenshi.

Injustice wins by pinfall

Injustice celebrates but Laredo Kid takes them out with a flying crossbody from the top. Kid goes after Reed and nails him with an air raid siren. He pins him declaring himself as the next challenger for the Middleweight championship.

Recap of last week's final angle when Erick Stevens aligned himself with Tom Lawlor and Dominic Garrini to attack the Von Erichs. Cut to a promo with Lawor. He takes a shot at the people of Texas for being upset at his disrespectful actions to the Texas flag. Stevens admits that he doesn't like Texas, especially their beloved sons the Von Erichs. Lawlor says that the bond of Team Filthy was formed because of their hatred of the Von Erichs.


A flashback to Contra Unit's feud with Los Parks. This culminated with Park and Fatu going to war at MLW's first pay per view at Saturday Night Superfight. A quick video hyping that match is played.

Killer Kross vignette.

Promo from Injustice. They tell Brian Pillman Jr. to watch his back. They say they'll be watching his match next week with Jimmy Havoc very closely. A quick promo from Havoc, who promises to give Pillman a lethal dose of Acid Rain. CIMA versus Jacob Fatu for the heavyweight title is announced for next week.

An interview with the Von Erichs is played. Ross says that Lawlor messing with the Texas flag was a big mistake. Marshall promises that a reckoning is coming.

Main event time. Talents start surrounding the ring for the lumberjack rules. Contra Unit (Simon Gotch & Josef Samael) are out first. Los Parks (LA Park & Hijo de la Park) are second carrying steel chairs. Here we go.

Los Parks versus Contra Unit in a Lumberjack Match

A brawl to start. Gotch stomps down Hijo while Samael goes after Park. Contra takes the steel chairs and begins using them on the father and son. Samael smashes Park down in the corner with right hands, then apply a foot choke. Park hits a dropkick on Samael at the same time Hijo hits Gotch with one...both get sent to the outside. The lumberjacks get their shots in on Contra before sending them back into the ring. Warner hands Hijo a chair. Gotch drops Park with a lariat, then has a face-off with Hijo. Frankensteiner from Hijo. Contra eventually gets the heat on Hijo and work him over.


They keep him close to their team's corner so he cannot tag in his dad. The lumberjacks are close to coming to blows on the outside...Hijo hits a lungblower out of the confusion. Park comes in hot...he spears Samael. Hijo gets a hold of Samael's iron spike and uses it on him. Hijo takes out the lumberjacks for some reason. Park goes to the top and hits a whisper in the wind on Samael. Cover...that'll do it.

Los Parks win by pinfall

Commentary tells us that the Parks finally gained some revenge after the events of Saturday Night Superfight. They celebrate as the crowd cheers.

That's the show friends.