Things have been looking up for Impact Wrestling since the move to AXS TV late last year. The in-ring product has improved and it appears the morale of talent has also gotten better.

One of those talents, Moose, was asked about Impact morale when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily.

"Since the new regime came in, the morale in the locker room has been so frickin' high," Moose said before noting that he, Eddie Edwards and Rosemary are now the old heads in Impact with the most tenure. "When I first got to the company I was like, 'What did I get my f***ing self into?' Now that Scott, Don and Anthem have taken over, the morale is great and people actually wanna go to work. Everybody is cool with everybody in the locker room and it's great and you can see it in the product."

Instead of being able to retain top talent and them going elsewhere, Impact is now locking up young stars into long-term deals. Moose was asked what that says about talent's viewpoint of Impact management.

"Guys are picking Impact over other companies and Impact isn't paying close to the same amount of money to what they can get elsewhere, but they still wanna come. That shows a lot and shows the fans how high the morale is in the locker room. Guys will rather be in a comfortable spot than somewhere that pays more money," stated Moose.

Steve Harvey is a partner with AXS TV and played a role in the AXS - Anthem merger. He even promoted Impact Wrestling on social media and Moose talked about Harvey having a hand in Impact's AXS deal.

"You guys didn't know that Steve Harvey is my dad [laughs]. I'm just joking but I think it's great. I've been a huge Steve Harvey mark since I was 10 years old. So, getting to be in a company that he's a part of is huge. Hopefully he'll be at the shows so I can meet him in person," Moose said before noting that he just wants to meet Harvey and wouldn't lay a hand on him.

Harvey is the host of Family Feud and Moose was asked who he would pick for his team to go up against a team of Knockouts.

"I would have to pick my closest friends in the locker room: Eddie Edwards, Willie Mack, Rich Swann and… maybe Sami. But if John Morrison was here, it would definitely be John Morrison," revealed Moose.

"We have to make this happen. But I will say this – we'd probably lose because of me [laughs]. Because I suck at Family Feud. It's hard for me to think fast and give fast answers. I would be so nervous at what might come out of my mouth."

Moose has tussled with Petey Williams in recent weeks and he was asked if there are any other TNA old-timers that he would like to mix it up with.

"You've got Petey. You've got Chris Harris, Suicide and there's even more guys I would wanna challenge but I can't because they work for other promotions," said Moose. "You've got guys like James Storm and AJ Styles – these are all challenges. If I beat these guys who were TNA greats, then what does that make me?"

He added that he wants to beat the best of TNA like he beat the ECW greats such as Rhyno.

"If I could have an opponent of my choice, it would be The Alpha Male. But I've sent out many challenges and he hasn't accepted. I guess that's a smart choice by him as he knows what would happen," said Moose.

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