WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon was not at last week’s SmackDown on FOX from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. There’s no word yet on if Vince was present for last night’s SmackDown.

Vince and Executive Vice President of TV Production Kevin Dunn were at Monday’s RAW from the WWE Performance Center.

There’s no word yet on if Vince and Dunn, who would also be around his late 50s or 60s, are missing some time here and there due to the coronavirus outbreak as the virus is said to be deadlier to people past the age of 60. This could be something that other guys involved in WWE and AEW production have to worry about, such as WWE Hall of Famer and RAW announcer Jerry Lawler, AEW announcer Jim Ross, AEW talents Tully Blanchard and Jake Roberts, Arn Anderson, and others involved with putting the shows together.

As we’ve noted, everyone entering the WWE Performance Center, all talent and staff, have to participate in medical testing. The Observer notes that RAW, SmackDown and Dynamite are all running on limited crews, kept to essential personnel only. Monday’s RAW had a few writers, a few producers, Dunn, McMahon, Executive Director Paul Heyman, and a few people in support roles.

On a related note, WWE has shut down training at the Performance Center for the time being, due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the need to use the Performance Center for TV tapings. According to the Observer, there is said to be no training or working going on at the Performance Center right now, unless it’s related to TV shoots.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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