When pro wrestling becomes mainstream, it helps the sport gain credibility. Recently, All Elite Wrestling's Orange Cassidy has been making waves around the world. He has been asked to appear on several programs, one, in particular, that would have been huge for AEW.

ESPN's Katie Nolan has recently shared she is an AEW fan, tweeting about there shows. One wrestler that has caught her eye has been Cassidy. On AEW Dynamite last night, Cassidy was on commentary but didn't have much to say. Katie shared her thoughts, saying, "Orange Cassify ELECTRIC on the mic."

It was later revealed during an exchange that Cassidy was booked to be a guest for her "Always Late" show, but due to the coronavirus, the program was cancelled.

"We had him booked as a guest for always late this week but the show was cancelled for obvious reasons," she tweeted.

The coronavirus has affected the entire world. AEW is currently holding a show with no fans inside the arena after cancelling events in several arena's, while WWE has had shows take place inside the Performance Center. WrestleMania, meant to take place in Tampa, is scheduled to take place inside there as well.

you can see Nolan's tweet below: