Paige was forced to undergo emergency surgery to remove an ovarian cyst yesterday.

Paige's boyfriend Ronnie Radke noted on Twitter that he was forced to cancel a show in Sacramento, CA as the drummer of his band came down with a case of food poisoning, and Paige had to undergo the emergency operation.

"Sacramento, not only did my drummer fall completely ILL to food poisoning, @RealPaigeWWE had to have an emergency surgery to remove an ovarian cyst. So even if my drummer wasn't sick I still would've canceled. so if you're mad.. don't buy another ticket to my show again," Radke wrote about the cancellation.

Radke included a photo of Paige in a hospital bed, as seen below.

Paige, who did not appear on WWE Backstage this week, has not commented on the surgery as of this writing, but she did re-tweet Radke's comments, and she defended the show cancellation. Stay tuned for updates on her status.

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