Several WWE Superstars are reportedly still hoping that WrestleMania 36 gets postponed.

WWE announced on Monday that WrestleMania 36 will air as a two-night event on Saturday, April 4 and Sunday, April 5, at 7pm ET via pay-per-view and the WWE Network. The show will air from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, and from other multiple locations to be announced, but still with no crowd in attendance. Former NFL player Rob Gronkowski will be the host for both nights.

It was reported today, via @Wrestlevotes, that WWE talents are still hoping that the show will be pushed back until some time later this year.

"Spoke with a source who states, and this is a direct quote, 'a majority of the talent are still hoping that Mania gets postponed'," Wrestlevotes tweeted.

On a related note, RAW Superstar Randy Orton expressed frustration with the new WrestleMania 36 promotional graphic that was included with Monday's big announcement. The graphic features WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch, Gronk, Roman Reigns, John Cena, and Drew McIntyre.

Orton re-posted the ad to Instagram and wrote, "Well ain't that some bulls--t. #letmecounttheways"

Orton is set to appear on Monday's RAW episode to accept the WrestleMania 36 challenge issued by WWE Hall of Famer Edge earlier this week, for a Last Man Standing match. WWE has not confirmed the Orton vs. Edge match as of this writing, but they were both left off the new graphic issued on Monday.

You can see Orton's full IG post below:

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Well ain't that some bulls--t. #letmecounttheways

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