A video package is shown highlighting the recent history between PCO, Rush, Marty Scurll and Marty Scurll after the usual ROH signature video package.

Rey Horus makes his entrance. Brody King of Villain Enterprises makes his entrance.

Brody King vs. Rey Horus

They lock up. King pushes Horus to the mat. King sends Horus to the corner. Horus hits a spin-kick on King. Horus hits a Hurricanruna on King. Horus dropkicks King. King clotheslines Horus. Horus eventually hits a Springboard Spinning DDT from off the top rope on King. Horus pins King for a two count. Horus hits a Leg Drop on King. Horus pins King for another two count. Horus strikes King several times. King clotheslines Horus. King hits a Gonzo Bomb on Horus. King pins Horus for the three count.

Winner: Brody King

A video package is shown on Homicide in Ring Of Honor.

A video package is shown on Delirious in Ring Of Honor.

Brian Zane presents his Top Five unlikely tag-teams in Ring Of Honor with Jushin "Thunder" Liger & Cheeseburger coming in at Number One, followed by Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal, BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs, Lo Ki & Homicide and Charlie Haas & Rhett Titus.

A video package is shown on Matt Sydal in Ring Of Honor.

Quinn McKay is backstage with Rush, Kenny King & Amy Rose. McKay questions Rush about tagging with NWA World's Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis against PCO & Marty Scurll later. Rush calls Kenny King his brother and says that he has his brother Dragon Lee. Rush asks who is Nick Aldis. King says he is obsolete, he is unnecessary. King says that Aldis isn't even the most famous wrestler in his house, let alone this tag team.

A video package is shown on the Havana Pitbulls (Rocky Romero & Ricky Reyes).

NWA World's Champion Nick Aldis & Rush make their entrances. Marty Scurll & PCO of Villain Enterprises make their entrances.

Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll & PCO) vs. Rush & Nick Aldis

Rush takes a shot to the back of PCO as the bell rings. Rush stomps on PCO several times. PCO chops and strikes Rush. Rush connects with a forearm to PCO. Rush sends PCO into the corner. Rush splashes PCO in the corner. Later in the match, Rush attempts to hold PCO in place as Aldis comes off the top rope. Aldis inadvertently hits an Elbow Drop on Rush. Rush pushes Aldis. Rush walks out on Aldis and the match. Aldis rakes the eye of PCO. Aldis grabs his title belt. Before Aldis can strike PCO with the belt, Scurll snaps his finger. PCO hits a Chokeslam on Aldis. PCO hits a PCOsault on Aldis. PCO pins Aldis for the win.

Winner: PCO & Marty Scurll

A video package is shown on Doug Williams in Ring Of Honor.

A video package is shown hyping ROH's 18th Anniversary Show as this episode comes to a close.