Crunchyroll News recently interviewed Rusev, who discussed anime and other wresters who are also big anime fans. During the interview, Rusev named All Might as his favorite character of all time since he reminds him of Hulk Hogan.

“All Might, because he’s basically Hulk Hogan,” Rusev replied when asked who was his his favorite anime character of all time. “Hulk Hogan is my favorite wrestler.”

– As previously reported, Lana is currently filming the sci-fi action movie Cosmic Sin with Bruce Willis. According to, the movie is about a group of of warriors and scientists who are fighting a hostile alien species which is trying to infect and take over human hosts. Lana’s role was originally written for a male, and is described as “the best sniper in the galaxy and lead assassin fighting for the human race against an alien invasion.” Edward Drake is directing the film.

– Despite not appearing on camera, The Undertaker was backstage at RAW on Monday night according to PWInsider. Taker will be on RAW next Monday for a contract signing for him WrestleMania 36 match with AJ Styles.