The Undertaker Responds To Chris Jericho Tweet Over Phrase Used During WWE RAW Promo

WWE Superstar The Undertaker and AEW star Chris Jericho had a brief Twitter exchange earlier today.

As noted, Taker cut a promo on this week's WrestleMania 36 go-home edition of RAW to build to his Boneyard Match against AJ Styles that will air this Saturday or Sunday. Taker said he hopes AJ brings his "two assclowns" with him, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, so they can also feel his wrath.


A fan tweeted Jericho and joked that the leader of The Inner Circle would have a "BIG lawsuit" to hit The Deadman with over his use of the "assclown" name, which Le Champion has used over the years, as have others.

Jericho responded to the fan and wrote, "Hardly! He's the @undertaker...he can used as many of my catch phrases as he wants!!! [cowboy hat face emoji]"

Taker responded to Jericho's tweet this evening and wrote, "My bad @IAmJericho ....I knew I had heard that somewhere before...."

That was the last of the tweets between the pro wrestling legends, at least as of this writing. You can see the full exchange below: