Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Kenny Omega says the hand looks worse than it is, expects to be back in three or four weeks. Tries to show where the break is, but Colt Cabana is on the other side of the ring, just looking around. Brandon Cutler points it out, Omega has him adjust the angle. Omega starts over and Colt makes his way into the frame. Omega yells at him, Colt tries to hide behind a tiny pole. Colt takes off as Omega chases after him.

* Locker room at the tapings, Matt Jackson says it's his 25th birthday (everyone just goes along with it) as he gets some cookies. Nick then says he has a birthday present. and gives him some new sneakers.

* Kenny, Matt, and Nick hanging out in the locker room still. Cutler shows up, Matt asks him what he's doing in there and Cutler says he's got big news. Matt tells him to spit it out, Cutler mentions how the fans said their tag match at Revolution was one of the best ever. The trio didn't seem to care. Cutler then says Dave Meltzer gave it six stars and then they suddenly cared a whole bunch. Omega welcomes them to the club. Matt then asks Omega if he watched the match from start to finish and if he saw what Hangman Page did near the end. Page teased hitting a buckshot lariat on Omega, but didn't do it. Omega says he saw what happened, but they are on the same page.

* Tony Schiavone goes to praise Matt about something, Matt says he knows Tony liked the six star match, just like everybody else. Tony doesn't know what Matt's talking about, "No one gets six stars, and you're no Revival." Tony then gives Matt props for his barista skills. Matt then perks up, Tony tells him to get his green apron and shows he's got a green apron on, too. "We're back in business!" Tony says as we see a montage of them working together and making money.

* Public Swole Announcement: Big Swole says Walmart, Target, and the Piggly Wiggly all sell deodorant, "buy it, and apply it."

* Backstage, Cutler talks with Michael Nakazawa about their tag team loss. Peter Avalon comes in laughing and celebrating that Cutler thought he'd get a win with Nakazawa. Cutler tells Avalon good luck in his match, Avalon waves him off, "I don't need luck!" Cut to Avalon getting superman pinned by Colt Cabana. Backstage, Avalon sits with Leva Bates. Cutler is now the one to come in and gloat about Avalon losing. Cutler is 0-11, Avalon is 0-12. They look to fight, but are both too beat up to do so. Bates tells them both to shut up and they go their separate ways.

* Tipsy Page enjoys a drink and talks with Cutler, who tells him about the six star rating. Cutler asked him if Page went back and re-watched it, bringing up the whole part with The Young Bucks and Omega together in the ring, looking like they may triple superkick him. Page says he noticed it, thanks to the big screens. Page says they didn't do it though, so maybe that says something. Page didn't appreciate Matt saving him on Dynamite and then flipping him off. Cutler reminded him that he flipped Matt off first. Cutler then informed Page how Inner Circle took out Nick, Page had no idea. Cutler says he's going to the hospital now to visit him, if Page wants a ride. Page says he better not. He goes to have Cutler tell Nick something, but then changes his mind.

* After Nick's attack, Matt said he'll be okay, but is out indefinitely. Matt then mentions the Coronavirus, saying he likes to mention current topics, so he can go back to them later on. Says he got on a plane last Tuesday, not thinking it was a big deal, then within 24 hours, he realized how big it was. Brings up moving the show to Daily's Place. Says he isn't sure about Blood and Guts Match and they're learning new things every day about the situation. Matt tells the fans to stay safe and wash their hands. He hopes they will still give the fans AEW and Dynamite to help provide entertainment during these times.