Ruthless Aggression, a new docuseries on WWE Network, is shedding some light on an era of transition for the company as the Attitude Era came to an end and they purchased WCW.

One of the most compelling and memorable things to come out of the Ruthless Aggression era was Evolution, a faction that saw Triple H, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, Randy Orton, and soon to be WWE Hall of Famer Batista run roughshod over the entire WWE.

Soon after the creation of Evolution, disaster struck as both Orton and Batista would be injured forcing them off of TV. Orton healed rather quickly and returned to Evolution, but Batista re-injured himself while training which almost led to Evolution bringing in a new fourth member in Mark Jindrak.

As seen in the video above, Triple H discusses how he was not too keen on the idea of having Jindrak join the group.

"They sent us to shoot the very first vignette we did which was literally just us in suits walking over a hill and they told everybody to bring a black suit," he said.

"So Jindrak shows up and says 'I've got my black suit' and I'm like why'd they tell him to bring a black suit? I don't want him in the group. Ric and I have already decided that he doesn't fit and we don't want him in the group."

Vince McMahon believed otherwise and felt like Jindrak was going to work with the group as their new fourth man.

"I go to Vince and he's like 'He fits' and I'm like he doesn't fit, and Vince says just shoot the vignettes with him," said Triple H.

Randy Orton also shared how close it got for Jindrak being the new fourth man in Evolution.

"It got all the way to the point where they had him where a black suit and we did like the Reservoir Dogs walking down the street with the heat coming off the pavement," Orton stated. "We filmed a bunch of stuff with Mark with the intention that he was going to be in Evolution."

Ultimately it was decided to push ahead without Jindrak and the rest is history as both Orton and Batista would eventually leave the group and become multiple time World Champions.