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– Cody sits at a control center and runs down the different opponents in the TNT Championship Tournament. Cody hypes the title TNT Championship, noting they are adding another major title within the company’s first year. Cody talks about complacency at the top and says no one in the tournament has that, they all have “will.”

– Chris Jericho and Tony Schiavone run down tonight’s show that features Matt Hardy from the Hard Compound, Kenny Omega in action, Scorpio Sky talks about his journey to AEW, Jimmy Havoc vs. Orange Cassidy, and hear an update from MJF.

Sammy Guevara vs. Darby Allin (TNT Championship Tournament Match)

Before Allin can even get to the ring, Guevara attacks Allin and beats him up around ringside. Guevara then gets a steel ladder and bridges it from the barricade to the apron. Guevara lays Allin down on the ladder, Guevara climbs to the top rope, hits a big splash straight down on Allin. Ringside Phsycian checking on Allin as we go to break. When we come back, Guevara picks up Allin, tosses him in the ring. Match finally starts, cover on Allin, two.

Allin gets put up on the top rope, Guevara gets knocked down, Allin then rips off Guevara’s boot and applies a reverse ankle lock. Allin with a chop block, followed by some headbutts to the ankle. Guevara boots Allin, springboard cutter on his opponent. Allin with a heel hook as blood trickles out of Allin’s nose. Both wrestlers up, Guevara with a kick to the face, pin, two. Allin rolls out to the floor. Looks like Guevara is bleeding from the mouth now.

Guevara out on the floor, Allin goes for a suicide dive, nobody home, and Allin crashes into the barricade. Guevara dumps him in the ring, climbs up to the top rope, hits a 630 senton. Allin up, hits an over the top stunner, tries for a springboard, caught in midair, Guevara looks for a big knee, Allin counters into the last supper (the tricky pin he’s used recently) for the victory.

Winner: Darby Allin via pinfall to advance to the Semis against Cody

– “Broken” Matt Hardy welcomes the fans in. Hardy says he gave Chris Jericho an invite to his Hardy Compound for the Elite Deletion and has yet to hear back from Jericho. He instead saw some Bubbly Bunch segment that completely ignored him. Matt then invites Sammy Guevara to the compound to do Jericho’s dirty work. Matt believes maybe his broken side is just too intense for Chris Jericho, maybe Matt Hardy needs to speak to Chris Jericho. A more subdued Hardy talks about how Jericho was so bothered that when Matt showed up and stood by his friends.

He called them the pillars of AEW. Matt then realized if the pillars are knocked out, it would cause chaos and that would benefit Jericho greatly. Matt says he wants to protect AEW’s concept of changing wrestling for the better. Matt then reiterates he’ll take on Guevara and anyone else in the group before he finally gets his hands on Jericho. Back to the show, Jericho says Matt should shut his mouth before the Inner Circle shows up to his compound.

Kenny Omega vs. Alan Angels

Jericho talks about Omega, says he’s beaten Kenny every time they’ve faced each other. Tony reminds him of the Tokyo Dome, Jericho says he should have won that. In the ring, Omega with a shoulder tackle, looks for a snap dragon suplex, Angels slips under, but eats a chop and then a headbutt. Angels with a couple strikes, hits a running senton, tries for another one, but Omega lifts up the knees. Omega with a backbreaker, cover, two.

Omega continues to swing away, Angels returns fire with some more punches. Big lariat by Omega. Angels trips Omega up with the ring skirt, hits a springboard dropkick, throws a spinning kick, heads up to the top rope, leaps, lands on his feet. Omega takes a flurry of kicks, but finally hits a snap dragon suplex. V-trigger hits, cover, two. Omega with another v-trigger, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Kenny Omega via Pinfall

– We hear from Scorpio Sky talking about his journey to AEW. Sky said a back problem nearly stop his wrestling dream. Sky wrestled for years and wondered if this was what he really should be doing. He decided to give it one more shot and that’s when he formed SCU with Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian.

– Look back at Dustin Rhodes saying he’ll retire if he doesn’t beat Kip Sabian in tonight’s match.

– We see clips from Matt Jackson vs. Nick Jackson in the 200th episode of Being the Elite.

Orange Cassidy (with Best Friends) vs. Jimmy Havoc

Havoc attacks Cassidy right off the bat and beats up Cassidy. Takes his jacket off and tosses it to Penelope Ford in the crowd and she stomps on it. Havoc then takes Cassidy’s shirt off and chokes him with it. Out on the floor, Cassidy gets thrown into the barricade and then crotched down on it. Havoc with a vertical suplex to the floor. Chops to Cassidy’s chest.

Back in the ring, Havoc continues to destroy his opponent. Havoc runs into a couple boots, but hits a european uppercut, death valley driver, uppercut, cover, two. Havoc bites Cassidy’s fingers, then puts them in Cassidy’s pockets. Havoc throws a punch, Cassidy ducks, kip up, suicide dive on the floor. In the ring, Cassidy with a flying crosssbody, tornado DDT, pin, two-count.

Cassidy dropped, then put on the top rope. Havoc tripped up, hits the top turnbuckle and crashes to the mat. Cassidy off the top rope and hits a lazy splash for a two-count. Havoc with some big shots, Cassidy returns fire with weak one. Big superman punch by Cassidy! Ford climbs up on the apron. Taylor tells her to get down. She goes to kick him, he catches it and throws it down, she just goes down into a split. Kip Sabian with a big senton to clear out Best Friends. Ford leaps off the top rope, doesn’t hit anyone though, Cassidy gets the roll-up on Havoc for the win.

Winner: Orange Cassidy via Pinfall

– Post-match, Havoc and Sabian try to beat up Cassidy, but Best Friends chase them off.

– From his home, MJF talks about today’s depressing times and it’s never been worse for mankind. MJF then says it’s because he hasn’t been wrestling on Dynamite. MJF says while throwing his cash while gambling he sustained a severe hangnail. MJF was wearing a sling with his pinky wrapped up. MJF says when he’s healthy he’ll be back to win the AEW World Championship

Lee Johnson vs. Wardlow

Big knee by Wardlow. Johnson tries for a few moves, but Wardlow lifts him up and smashes him down into the mat. Wardlow with a release suplex, followed by another. Wardlow looks for another, Johnson flips out of it, throws a few punches, but gets shoved into the corner and Wardlow charges in hard. He sets Johnson up on the top rope, brings him down and throws a high knee into Johnson. Wardlow with the big twisting F-5, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Wardlow via Pinfall

– We see someone looking at an article of a Heisman Trophy winner getting injured as he shoves stuff off his desk. He drinks some beers and goes to The Dark Order’s website to join. Cut to Brodie Lee talking with the guy, and saying he knows his frustrations. He asks the guy how tall he is and how much he weighs. Lee says he was informed the guy sounded like a hard worker, but hadn’t broken through. Lee says he wants to offer the guy success, the power, the strength in numbers. Lee says the group are the lions of AEW. He slides over a mask and tells the person they are in the group.

Justin Law vs. Brodie Lee

Lee with a big chop, followed up with a boot to his opponents face. Lee with a suplex, and then a half-and-half overhead release suplex, chop in the corner, back elbow, spinning slam. Lee is apparently staring down Marko Stunt at ringside. Lee with a discus lariat, cover, and we’re done here.

Winner: Brodie Lee via Pinfall

– Lee heads over to ringside and looks at Stunt for a moment and walks off to the back.

– Backstage, Best Friends and Cassidy talk about Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford sticking their nose in their business. Trent and Taylor want Havoc and Sabian in a match.

– Next week: Marko Stunt vs. Brodie Lee, both semi-final matches will take place, and AEW World Champion Jon Moxley to speak.

– The Bubbly Bunch segment: a sad Sammy talks about how he really wanted Jake Hager to win the AEW Championship. Ortiz and Hager both try to cheer up Guevara to no avail. Jericho says they are the Inner Circle and when things are looking down they just have to dance! Jericho then challenges the group to do a Flim Flam Dance (mocking the TikTok dances) with the winner getting a small bottle of hand sanitizer. Sammy ended up adding a bunch of new moves, the guys like it, except for Jericho, who calls him a “show off,” but begrudgingly says he won.

Dustin Rhodes with Brandi Rhodes vs. Kip Sabian with Penelope Ford (TNT Championship Tournament Match)

If Dustin loses this match, he’ll retire from wrestling. Dustin wants a handshake, Sabian passes on it. Back and forth action in early, Dustin with an uppercut, followed by an arm drag. Sabian works his way back into the match, penalty kick, cover, two-count. On the outside, Ford chokes Rhodes for a moment, Brandi makes her way over and Ford stops. Sabian tries for another cover, two. Dustin goes for a big kick, misses and gets caught up on the ropes. Sabian goes to work on Dustin’s banged up leg.

Sabian launches him across the ring and hits a dropkick, cover, two. Dustin with a roll-up of his own, two. Sabian gets Dustin in the corner, but Dustin throws some punches, tries for a scoop slam, but falls back, cover, two-count. Pop-up knee lift to Dustin, discus lariat, cover, two. Dustin with a spinebuster, uppercut, inverse atomic drop, and finishes with a bulldog.

Dustin lands a spinning powerslam, cover, two-count. Sabian trying to get back into this one, but is shown signs of frustration. Sabian punches away at Dustin’s face until the referee pulls him off. Aubrey barks at Sabian, Brandi stops Ford from getting into the ring. Ford does jump in, but Brandi follows and hits a spear while the referee was distracted. Sabian goes back to Dustin, but Dustin hits code red on Sabian, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Dustin Rhodes via pinfall to advance and face Lance Archer

– Tony Schiavone announces after the match Kip Sabian and Jimmy Havoc will face Best Friends in a No DQ / No Disqualification Match on next week’s Dynamite.