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- Recap is shown of Cody vs. Darby Allin's first match at Fyter Fest that went to a draw. Allin says he will do whatever it takes to win the title, Cody says he's currently ranked number one, but can't challenge for the AEW World Championship, making this tournament that much more important. Cody says they respect each other, but there won't be any respect going into this match.

- Chris Jericho and Tony Schiavone welcome us into tonight's show and run down the card. Both semi-final matches will go down. AEW World Champion Jon Moxley will speak. We'll see some more of The Bubbly Bunch, Shawn Spears in action, as well as Brodie Lee vs. Marko Stunt, and Best Friends vs. Jimmy Havoc and Kip Sabian in a No DQ / No Count-Out Match. Finally, an injury update on MJF and Wardlow will again be in action.

- AEW runs graphic showing AEW Double or Nothing PPV will be live on May 23.

Cody with Brandi Rhodes vs. Darby Allin (TNT Championship Tournament Match)

Shawn Spears is at ringside and looks annoyed as Cody makes his way out to the ring. Allin looks for a shoulder tackle, Cody doesn't move. Cody with a headlock, shoulder tackle, cover, not even a one-count. Both try for a pin, no luck, Cody looks to bridge out and tweaks his knee a bit. Both end up on the floor, Cody tosses Allin into the apron, then stares over at Spears. Allin launches himself at Cody, ends up going straight into Brandi because Cody moves out of the way, sending her into the barricade. He goes to check on Brandi and Cody drops him. Billy Gunn helps Brandi to the back as Cody continues to beat up Allin inside the ring.

Cody with a delayed flapjack, jackknife pin, two-count. Surfboard stretch applied to Allin, he flips around for a pin, one-count, and Cody is right back on him with kicks. and punches. Cody lifts and drops Allin down on the top rope, tries for a couple pin attempts to no avail. Cody tries for a suplex, eats a knee to the head and Allin with a chop block to the knee. Cody up and throws a big forearm, Allin returns fire with a code red, two-count, continues to work over the knee. Cody finally gets out of the ring and ends up getting smacked in the head with a shoe by Britt Baker (ref didn't see it). Allin goes out to the floor and throws Cody back in the ring, yet another chop block.

Cody recovers, release suplex, disaster kick, and takes off the weight belt. He then decides against it and hands it over to the referee. Allin able to hit cross rhodes! Only gets a two-count though. Allin then locks in the figure-four, which is a move Cody typically uses. Brandi limps her way back out to the ring with a bottle of water. Cody sees her and she hands over the water. He takes a sip, but Allin takes it and smacks Cody with it.

Allin goes for a springboard move, Cody catches him and hits a ripcord lariat. Allin with an over-the-top cutter, goes for a second rope moonsault, Cody catches him, cross rhodes, cover, two! Cody then heads to the top rope for a moonsault. He tries for a coffin drop and Allin gets the knees up! Allin hits his own coffin drop, cover, Cody rolls Allin over though for a backslide pin for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Cody via pinfall to advance to the finals

- Vignette of Scorpio Sky talking about joining up with Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels to make SCU. Sky said he was happy to join up, but didn't want to be just the third guy after they had been working together for a long time. He said that changed when the "worst town" bit came together. Says they have been a big part of his growth as a performer. We see clips of Sky getting a shot at Chris Jericho when he was the AEW World Champion. Sky says he doesn't want to be good or great, "I want to be a f---ing legend."

- MJF at home, says he was able to rehab his severe hangnail, not only heal up, but "over heal" and have the strong nail in the world, according to his doctor. MJF says he was ready to come back to the ring, and got ready for his return. While shaving, he nicked his neck and can't return. MJF takes his scarf off and reveals a neck break. MJF says he was totally ready to jump on a germ infested plane and wrestle in front of six or seven of his peers who he totally respects. MJF says he'll be back though and be that light to lead the way.

Wardlow vs. Musa

Wardlow immediately goes to work on his opponent, tossing him around the ring. Wardlow picks him up, but Musa gets down and punches Wardlow right in the face. He tries for another, but eats a knee to the midsection.

Musa with a springboard kick that stuns Wardlow. Wardlow picks Musa up and jams him into the corner. Wardlow then puts him on the top rope, grabs him by the throat and drags him right down into a high knee strike. Wardlow hits twisting F-5 for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Wardlow via Pinfall

- Latest Bubbly Bunch segment, the group is facetiming about the Flim Flam dance that Sammy Guevara won last week. The group argues on who actually one the dance. Chris Jericho says it doesn't really matter who won (as he works out in a stationary bike in full entrance gear) and they need to stand together to stay strong as a group. Jericho says the group should battle each other to do so and we see each of them attack their individual phones, which eventually goes to other members of the AEW roster, Chris Jericho's Dad, and other non-roster members including Jay and Silent Bob, Virgil, and Vickie Guerrero. Jericho finally tells everyone to stop, but says that was one of the best Manitoba Melees ever.

Jimmy Havoc and Kip Sabian with Penelope Ford vs. Best Friends with Orange Cassidy (No DQ and No Count-Outs Match)

The teams pair off and instantly start battling each other. Havoc and Sabian sent out of the ring, Trent with a flip over the top rope, taking out both wrestlers. Havoc grabs a chair and goes to wack Taylor, but turns around and launches it into Cassidy's face. Havoc beats up Taylor and suplexes him on some chairs. Trent with a spear on Havoc, but Sabian hits Trent with a flip over the top rope.

Havoc throws a chair into Taylor's face on the outside. In the ring, Sabian sends Trent chest first into the corner. A ladder has now been introduced into the ring. Trent gets launched into the chair, Havoc bites him, then tags in Sabian. Kip with a kick to the back, Havoc follows up with one of his own. Havoc with a poke to the eyes as Sabian kicks Trent to the back. Havoc tosses the later down on Trent. Jericho says he's a fan of Havoc, Tony asks him if Inner Circle is adding new members, Jericho then says Havoc isn't good looking enough for the group. Trent tries for a springboard move, Sabian with a lungblower, pin, Taylor breaks it up.

Havoc using a chair to fight off best friends, but ends up eating a high knee from Taylor. Best Friends get a chair and both throw it at Havoc. They go for a successful hug. Cassidy is still out, Ford hasn't gotten involved, yet. Taylor wedges a chair into the corner, Sabian ends up throwing him into it after a few exchanges. Trent with a big swinging DDT on Sabian. Trent with a big chairshot to the back of Havoc. Ladder bridges in the corner. Trent crotched on the top rope, Havoc goes up and is knocked down. Trent goes to leap, but Havoc pulls the legs out and Trent crashes down on the ladder. Havoc grabs some chairs, Trent planted on them, cover, Taylor breaks it up.

Taylor bodyslams Havoc on the chair then piledrives Sabian on another chair, cover, Ford yanks Taylor off. Ladder put in the corner, Taylor gets back body dropped on it. Havoc picks Taylor up again, but Cassidy runs up and throws a chair at Havoc. Sabian grabs Cassidy from behind, Ford with a kick and mistakenly hits Sabian. Ford tries for a spear, Cassidy moves and she crashes into Sabian. Havoc and Cassidy are now on the top rope. Cassidy crashes down on Sabian and Ford. Taylor goes over and hits a running awful waffle (inverted piledriver) on some chairs to get the pinfall win on Havoc.

Winners: Best Friends via Pinfall

- Britt Baker welcomes the camera in as she gets ready. Baker gets her make-up done and introduces "Reba" (her name is "Rebel). Rebel goes to talk to the camera, but Baker stops it and needs to talk in private. Baker says to refer to her as "Dr. Britt Baker" and to do what she says, so she can get her big break. Baker then talks about more rules of being a role model. She says rule number two: Not everybody can be a role model. Things that are not okay: glasses wearers, fat people, people with a snaggle tooth. For each of those things we see photos of Tony Schiavone.

Shawn Spears vs. Baron Black

Back and forth action early on until Spears gets in some big strikes and a chop to the chest in the corner. Spinebuster in the middle of the ring, punches right to the face of his grounded opponent. Spears with a snap suplex and then does a Chris Jericho style pin with his foot on Black's chest.

Black is up and hits a couple chops, charges in and eats a kick. Spear with a C4 (death valley driver), then locks in a sharpshooter for the tap out win.

Winner: Shawn Spears via Submission

Brodie Lee vs. Marko Stunt

Stunt with a slap to the face, avoids some strikes, but then takes a big kick. Lee with a massive chop in the corner and chokes Stunt a bit. Another chop to the chest sends Stunt flopping to the mat. Lee steps on his neck, back elbow, then launches Stunt across the ring. Referee checks on him while Lee heads out of the ring and goes around, but Stunt tries for a suicide dive.

Lee catches him, puts him down, and hits a superkick. Lee back in the ring as the referee starts up his ten-count. Stunt gets in at nine. Lee picks up and throws Stunt, he lands on his feet. Stunt with a leap off the second rope, Lee with a swinging slam to the mat! Lee hits a sitdown powerbomb for the victory.

Winner: Brodie Lee via Pinfall

- AEW World Champion Jon Moxley strolls around outside with his title. Says it's amazing eight weeks ago he was in a sea of fans, celebrating his title win in the crowd. Moxley wonders what the hell happened since then. He says tough times don't last forever and one day everyone will be back together. Moxley continues for now he's reflecting and is thankful for a lot of things like steel chairs, and his wife (giving her props for staying in the house with him all this time). Moxley says next week Dynamite will be live and he'll be there. Moxley says anyone who steps up to the champ does so at their own risk. Moxley reminds the fans to check on their neighbors, support local businesses, and don't forget to call your grandmother!

- Next week: Jon Moxley vs. Frankie Kazarian (non-title match), MJF returns, and finally, Kenny Omega and Matt Hardy vs. Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara (Street Fight).

Dustin Rhodes with Brandi Rhodes vs. Lance Archer (TNT Championship Tournament Match)

Winner of this match faces Cody at Double or Nothing. The two end up in the ropes, Archer tries for a punch, misses, Dustin with a bunch of strikes. He goes for a shoulder tackle, Archer stands tall. Archer then hits one of his own, sending Dustin out to the floor. Brandi checks on Dustin as he takes a moment on the floor. The two battle with Archer ending up on the floor, Dustin with a flip off the apron, taking out his opponent.

Archer recovers, gets in some shots, grabs a chair, but Dustin knocks it away. Dustin tried to use it, but Archer kicks it away. Archer barks at some of the people at ringside, then turns his attention to Brandi. Dustin is now busted open. Archer continues to beat up Dustin as he throws him down on the announce table and then the ring post. Dustin attempts to fight back with strikes, but gets slowed back down. Archer keeps up the attack as they make their way back into the ring.

Archer with a suplex and then digs away at Dustin's wound. Dustin is able to get Archer tied up in the corner and hits shatter dreams. Dustin tries for a knee drop, nobody home. Archer swings away on Dustin's head as we go to break. Dustin recovers and hits a code red, but can't follow up. Both swing away in the middle of the ring. Dustin drops Archer with a lariat, uppercut, tries for a bulldog, nope, but hits him with a spinning powerslam, then cross rhodes! He goes for a pin, Archer kicks out at one. Dustin can't believe that and makes his way to the top rope.

Dustin leaps, but is caught and Archer hits a big chokeslam, cover, two. Archer climbs up to the top rope holding Dustin's arm, walks the ropes all the way across and then hits a moonsault! Cover, Dustin still kicks out?! Dustin put up on the top rope, Archer looks for blackout, but Dustin fights out of it. Dustin lands a boot, but Archer hits another chokeslam, cover, Dustin with a sneaky roll-up of his own for two.

Archer lands a boot to the Dustin's face and rips a turnbuckle pad off. He then just throws Dustin's heads into it a couple times. QT Marshall comes out with the towel, but Cody comes out and takes the towel himself. He talks with Dustin, but his brother wants to continue. Archer drags Dustin away from the group and slams his head into the mat a bunch of times, then covers him for the three count.

Winner: Lance Archer via pinfall to advance to the finals

- Archer will now face Cody for the TNT Championship at Double or Nothing. Post-Match, Archer stares and smiles at Cody as he checks on his brother with Brandi and QT.