AJ Styles Wants People To "Be A Kid Again" Watching WrestleMania 36

AJ Styles wants WrestleMania 36 to serve as an escape for people during the ongoing coronavirus epidemic.

Styles spoke about the two-night event during his Mixer stream. The avid gamer said he hopes the show helps people to forget about their problems for at least a little while.

"I hope that these two days... I hope for those couple hours you can just forget about all your worries, everything else that is going on in the world, just unpack," Styles said. "'I'm just going to watch this and get sucked into what I'm watching,' you know. 'I just want to enjoy this.' Just do that. Just forget for three hours that day or two hours however long it is I don't even know, just forget about everything and enjoy that time that you have. I'm telling you, it's a relief kind of, to have that something you can get into.

"So I hope that's what you guys get out of it. I hope you just let loose for two or three hours on Saturday or Sunday and enjoy it. You know what, be a kid again, I guess."

Styles mentioned as a child he had no worries, and hopes everyone can access that part of themselves while watching WrestleMania and forget their worries.

Styles went on to stream "PUBG" games for his fans on Mixer. After raging at getting killed, Styles read a message from a fan, Logan, who planned to attend WrestleMania before WWE moved the show to the performance center. Styles agreed with Logan that WWE did the right thing in moving the show and closing it off to fans.

Styles explained WWE could have postponed WrestleMania, but that they don't know when they would be able to put the show on if they did postpone it. He talked about the number of coronavirus, aka COVID-19, cases in the U.S., saying the virus can spread easily because the country has many densely populated cities.

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