Anonymous WWE Employee Tells Local Officials They're Being "Forced To Work" During COVID-19 Outbreak

An anonymous WWE employee named "John" (likely for John Doe) submitted public comments at Tuesday's Orange County, Florida Board of County Commissioners meeting and spoke out against the ongoing WWE tapings from the closed-set Performance Center in Orlando, FL.


Local reporter Jon Alba noted that a WWE employee named "John" submitted public comment that said they're being "forced to work" the WWE TV tapings, despite the coronavirus stay-at-home orders. "John" reportedly said he's unable to speak out and feels he will be fired from WWE if he approaches his higher-ups.

"John" added that despite sanitary precautions at the Performance Center, employees are unable to maintain social distancing at the WWE TV tapings, and they have to touch others. They've requested the government shut down the WWE tapings so everyone can follow social distancing rules without fear of losing their jobs, according to Alba's report.

Alba added, "While there isn't really way to verify this is 100% absolutely a #WWE employee given the nature of the complaint, it should be noted there have been several within the company who have expressed concern, many privately, over the tapings continuing."


Alba also said he reached out to AEW last week and asked if they intend to run shows in Florida or not, but they have not responded to his request for comments.

As noted last week, WWE and other sporting events had been ruled non-essential businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak, and Orange County Sheriff deputies were called to the Performance Center several times to shut down the TV tapings. Governor Ron DeSantis then issued an amended Executive Order on April 9, and WWE, along with other sports leagues with national audiences, wee then deemed to be essential businesses, and allowed to continue their operations.

It's been widely reported how WWE has increased efforts to keep all employees safe and healthy while working at the closed-set Performance Center during the coronavirus pandemic.

There's no word yet on what will come of the anonymous WWE employee submitting public comments at today's meeting, but we will keep you updated.

You can see Alba's tweets from today below: