WWE reportedly had no major plans for Lana and Liv Morgan when Liv returned to WWE TV during the RAW wedding episode in late December.

There was a lot of speculation on what WWE had planned for Lana and Liv after the surprise return angle during the wedding of Lana and Bobby Lashley last year. However, Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that nothing significant was planned for Liv.

It was noted that RAW Executive Director Paul Heyman booked the spot for the wedding as a way to pop fans, but there was no follow-up plan to it.

WWE continued the Lana vs. Liv feud for a few more weeks, but nothing really came of it.

The original angle between Liv and Lana was reportedly done just to get Liv up and running again on TV, and to do something with her for her return. There’s no word yet on what WWE has planned for Lana or Liv as we move into the middle of 2020, but Liv did defeat Natalya during the WrestleMania 36 Night Two Kickoff pre-show.