Becky Lynch Vs. Shayna Baszler Feud To Continue?, Becky On ESPN, Shayna And Becky React

WWE has announced that RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch will appear on ESPN SportsCenter later this Sunday morning at 10:15am ET. The Man will be there to discuss her win over Shayna Baszler from Night One of WrestleMania 36.

It looks like the Baszler vs. Lynch feud may continue after WrestleMania 36.

Above is video of Lynch talking to Charly Caruso after the win at the empty WWE Performance Center. Lynch commented on being one day away from holding the title for one year, and said it feels pretty wonderful. Caruso asked about fans saying Lynch had to use her last breath to flip out of Baszler's Kirifuda Clutch to get the win, and Becky said nothing she ever does is an accident as everything is calculated and she's always looking for the win. Caruso also asked how good Baszler was.

"Look, she's incredible," Becky said of Shayna. "I never underestimated her, I think she underestimated me, but the fact of the matter is that she's been a top-ranked cage fighter for 10 years straight. She's the longest combined Women's NXT Champion in history. Her skill set is maybe, maybe un-matched in what we have in WWE today, but the fact of the matter is, tonight was a test of skill over heart, and I've got the heart."

Caruso then asked Becky what is next for her and she indicated she's ready for more from Baszler.

"Well, Shayna has a problem," Becky said. "She thinks she has my number but she certainly doesn't, but if she has a problem with that finish tonight, just tell her to not go missing. She knows where to find me, I'll be holding down the fort every single week."

Baszler tweeted after the match and warned The Man.

"I've seen this dark before. Shoulda killed me when you had the chance....," she wrote.

Stay tuned for updates on the Baszler vs. Becky feud. You can see Baszler's full tweet below: