WWE RAW Superstar Bianca Belair recently spoke with Muscle & Fitness and revealed the origins behind her hair whip move that she’s been using for a while now.

Belair noted that she suggested the hair whip move to WWE Performance Center Coach Sara Amato, who agreed to give it a try. It worked and they decided to add it to her moveset.

“I suggested [the hair] to Sara Amato, she said let’s try it, and it worked so well. The sound, everything. I guess I am stuck with it now, but I love it,” Belair said, laughing.

The 5 foot 5 inch Belair also talked about how she often presses her opponents over her head, before dumping them back to the mat. Inspired by her CrossFit background, Belair worked on the move for around 6 months before adding it to her repertoire.

“I first tried the overhead press in wrestling because of my background in CrossFit,” she said. “It was an idea in my head like, I really want to press a girl! So, I worked on it for about six months, the technique of actually picking a girl up from the floor and then pressing her over my head.”

She continued and talked about how she lifts heavier women so high above her, “My training is basically strength training. I do agility training. I do a lot of CrossFit-type of stuff and we have a great coach at the Performance Center, Sean Hayes, who does all types of powerlifting and just general strength.”

Belair had deadlifted 415 pounds in the WWE Performance Center weight room, but she still wasn’t content with using a traditional military press. She was then inspired by WWE Hall of Famers Bill Goldberg and The Ultimate Warrior to add her own twist to a move made famous by guys like them.

“Once I figured it out, I turned the move into more of a jerk,” Belair said of the move. “Adding a jerk made it seem like more than just a press. I used to do a lot of clean and jerking. It took me a while to get the move down? pressing women over my head, but I got it down, and I’ve been doing it ever since!”