Veteran WWE Superstar Big Show recently spoke with FOX News and defended the company against criticism for running shows during the coronavirus pandemic at the closed-set WWE Performance Center in Orlando.

Show said while everyone in WWE is eager to give fans the product and comfort they want during the pandemic, they are taking their duties very seriously. He talked about being at the Performance Center for his recent match with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

“We’re trying to do things the best that we can to entertain and also follow a lot of safety and health guidelines,” Show said. “I know that when I was there to do some things that I do with Drew McIntyre [there was] medical screening, temperature taking and social distancing. It was really nice to see how much WWE went after making the talent as safe as possible and those that wanted to compete for the fans. And that was one thing that’s been made very clear to all the talents — you don’t have to. If you feel uncomfortable, stay at home, stay with your family.”

“If you’re not in a situation where you could put someone else at risk? and you want to try to entertain your fans, you can,” he added. “I thought they did a great job and WrestleMania turned out amazing.”

Show also spoke about his new show on Netflix, The Big Show Show, and the success it has had in the first few weeks of being available. Show said he’s been wanting to do a sitcom for years, and has asked WWE to help make that happen.

“For me, it’s a long time in the making,” Show said. “When The Rock did ‘Saturday Night Live’ many years ago, we got to guest star with him. I really liked the interaction between the fans and the comedy aspect of it. ? And throughout my career, we’ve done some things where my sense of humor has been able to pop out here and there. But I’ve been driving WWE people nuts for years about having my own family sitcom because in the back of my mind I said, ‘What could be funnier than me as a dad with a family, struggling with the same things that all parents struggle through?’

“And even though I’m this person of monstrous size, I still have to deal with things with heart and compassion and empathy ? with the kids. So when this opportunity came up with Netflix, I couldn’t say no. And I’m very proud of what’s happened.”